Staying Fit the Patent Way-Weight Loss Patents III

Well we’re back with some more weight loss patents that will help you in your fight against unhealthy living. While losing excess weight could be a part of achieving a fit body, we encourage a lifestyle change, exercise coupled with a healthy diet. Now let’s take a look at a few interesting weight loss patents.

An invention as disclosed in US20080103023A1 titled “Method of developing and creating a personalized exercise regime in a digital medium” relates to a method for assessing and developing a personalized regime for an individual. More particularly, the invention includes a method for assessing and developing a regime for an individual wherein the regime is digitally arranged and supplied to the individual such that the digital regime is personalized and the customized based on the needs of the individual.

exercise regime

Another invention as disclosed in US20030108851 relates to a health-related monitoring system and method that provides visual feedback in the form of a computer-generated display of changes which will likely occur in a participant’s body, if the person does, or does not, stay on a particular regime.  A preferred method of assisting a person to achieve a desired body shape includes the steps of forming an initial image of the person (either in 2 or 3 dimensions) at an initial time; determining a progress level at intervals during a desired program. For example, by imaging the person and comparing this image with the initial image so as to determine an image difference; and displaying a probable future image representative of a probable future body shape of the person based on the progress level of the person, for example as determined by the image difference and/or the body parameter difference, and displaying the ideal image to the person for comparison with the probable future image.


Yet another utility model discloses an inflation rock climbing pyramid that has a blower, an air bag and a rock body. The blower inflates air into the air bag and the rock body which is a cone, the top of the rock body is provided with a fixed rope and a pulley that is provided with a safety rope. The safety rope is provided with a safety belt. The utility model integrates sports and exercising, game, entertainment, weight loss and body building.

rock climbing pyramid

Also, an invention as disclosed in US20060185679A1 relates to an intra-oral device (appliance) that will assist a user with weight loss by physiologically stimulating appetite suppression. This intra-oral device is a thin, molded acrylic or plastic plate that extends beyond the junction of the hard and soft palate (vibrating line) and is retained in place by wire clasps around selected teeth. This device works by stimulating the sensitive area (the Vagus Nerve) as a person attempts to swallow a large mass of food and gives the physiologic response of pre-gag or partial-gag reflex. This in turn causes a non-voluntary, physiologic avoidance response, and the user temporarily loses the desire to eat large boluses of food, thus suppressing appetite. It does not inhibit or prohibit swallowing but causes the user to resort to tiny pieces of food, mashed food, or liquids in small quantities. It also inhibits a person’s ability to guzzle or gorge foods in a hurried manner.

intra oral device

Interesting right? Stay tune for another edition of weight loss patents.

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