The Collapsible Bicycle


Earlier this year, the USPTO published a patent application, filed by the American automaker Ford, for a new car that would give users an option to remove certain car parts and reassemble them into a bicycle. The invention titled as “Collapsible Bicycle” could become an important innovation in the field of future mobility. The publication discloses a bicycle that can be stored in the body of a vehicle. With the new proposal, the automobile giant is trying to solve the problem of lack of parking space in a heavily populated city. The proposal also puts forward the possibility of allowing the driver to ride to the closest petrol station when the car runs out of fuel.

The patent application discloses a car body that houses a removable frame, a spare wheel, a removable headrest, and a jack. The spare wheel can be split into two to make a front and back tyre of the bicycle. The car jack which is stored in the boot of the vehicle can be turned into bicycle pedals. The headrest of the car is removable and can be changed to a seat of the bicycle. The basic bicycle frame made from aluminium, titanium, carbon fibre or even bamboo can be incorporated into the body of a car. One of the jacks is provided with cogs to convert the pedalling action into forward motion. The removable headrest is made from gel or foam padding coated in nylon or carbon fibre for a comfortable bicycle seat. The wheels of the bicycle can be locked together to form a single spare car tyre. Moreover, the frame is collapsible so that it may be easily stored in the vehicle when the bicycle is not in use.

Additionally, the collapsible frame will allow the rider to conveniently store the bicycle. According to Ford, the design will make the commute easy, in case of traffic.

This invention as disclosed in Application no. 13/956967 has yet to be granted. Let’s wait and see how the USPTO responds to this idea.

Authored by Blessen Koshy.

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