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Patents filed by Young Inventors!

On the occasion of Children’s Day, BananaIP brings to you patent applications granted to or filed by young inventors before the Indian IP Office. This post carries titles, patent application numbers, drawings, abstracts, fields of invention and the names of the inventors for five patent applications. Read More Continue Reading Patents filed by Young Inventors!

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The image is of the IP book Young Intellectuals. To know more click here

Young Intellectuals: Intellectual Property Insights

Intellect breeds wisdom, and wisdom begets knowledge. Intellectuals push the boundaries of knowledge and creativity, and with these sharp minds around, the world is always dynamic. Often, a peek into minds of intellectuals gives insight and foresight beyond the ordinary. 'Young Intellectuals' takes a look into minds of select IP Professionals, whose contributions are making more than a noteworthy difference to the progress of science and creative arts. Patents, MNCs, and India Strategy: R. Lakshminarayanan Role of IP/ Patents…

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Statutory Licensing for Broadcasting Organisations

  The objective of non–voluntary licensing is two-fold. First, to overcome the difficulty of locating the correct owner of the copyrighted work and getting an individual license from him and second is to avoid the creation of monopoly of copyright owners. The result the state looks at achieving from this provision is ensuring public dissemination and authors' compensation and avoiding market monopoly. The Copyright (Amendment) Act, 2012 has incorporated a new section into Chapter VI of the Copyright Act, which…

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