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Diabetic Product XIGAMET loses to ZITAMET under heightened Pharma Trademark Scrutiny

Diabetic Product XigaMet Loses to ZitaMet Under Heightened Pharma Trademark Scrutiny

On June 13, 2024, the Bombay High Court granted Glenmark an interim injunction against Gleck Pharma in a trademark dispute over “ZITA-MET” and “XIGAMET”. The court found that the similarities between the trademarks could confuse consumers, leading to potential health risks, and applied strict standards to prevent such confusion. Continue Reading Diabetic Product XigaMet Loses to ZitaMet Under Heightened Pharma Trademark Scrutiny

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Weekly Trademark Updates

This week’s trademark updates are as follows: Domino’s dominates Trademark Dispute against Dominick Pizza In a recent case, the Delhi High Court restrained a Ghaziabad based pizzeria, named Dominick Pizza, from using the marks Dominick Pizza’, ‘Cheese Burst’ and ‘Pasta Italiano’ in any manner as they were identical or deceptively to the trademarks owned by Domino’s. The High Court stated that, “The reviews of the consumers on Google Reviews, also re-affirms this fact that apart from the confusion that is taking…

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Image reads Intellepedia Latest Trademark Cases 2021

Latest Trademark Cases – 2021 | Part 1

This running post provides a summary of the latest Indian Trademark cases in 2021, decided by various Courts and tribunals in the country. El Baik Food Systems Co. S.A vs Arsalan Wahid Gilkar & Anr In a recent decision, the Delhi High Court granted an Ex-parte Injunction against use of the trademark 'Albaik' for restaurants and related services. The plaintiff in the case was the Albaik Group based out of Saudi Arabia, which started its business in 1986. The plaintiff briefly…

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The featured image is of TM which is the abbreviation for Trademark. the post is aboutthe new trademark rules, 2017. To read more click here.

PayPal and Paytm Trademark Dispute

  Paytm, the largest e-wallet company in India, which saw a drastic surge in user volume post-demonetization, has found itself embroiled in a controversy over its logo with the US-based PayPal, also a digitized payment system. Paypal claims that Paytm’s logo is ‘deceptively and confusingly similar’ to that of the global giant’s. PayPal further claims that Paytm is free-riding on the goodwill of PayPal. What is similar between the two logos is that the first syllable of both the logos is…

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The featured image shows a board with four wooden blocks. The blocks bear the trademark of Mcdonald's , i.e. , a big yellow 'M'. The psot is about the recent trademark dispute between McDonalds and Future Enterprises. To know more, please click here.

McDonald’s Wins EU ‘MacCoffee’ Trademark Dispute

Recently , a European Court ruled in favour of US fast food giant McDonald’s, restraining a Singapore based company from using the word ‘Mac’ as a prefix on its foods and beverages. One of the primary aims of every trademark law is to prevent consumer confusion. Trademark law provides exclusive rights to the proprietors of a particular trademark, thus allowing them to carve out a niche for their product in the existing market. In 2008, a Singaporean Company had applied…

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Clash of the Titans: Tata Indigo vs. Indigo Airlines, the trademark saga continues

Recently the Times of India reported that IndiGo Airlines, one of the premier airline companies operating from India, with more than 100 flights daily, had landed in a trademark dispute with Tata Motors, another automobile giant and proprietors of the car TATA INDIGO.  It is interesting to note that although Inter Globe (Prorpietors of IndiGo Airlines) and Tata Motors have been disputing for the past ten years, before the Indian Trademark Office, the news of the existence of such a dispute has…

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