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Deciphering India's Design Law - Part 2

Deciphering India’s Design Law: A Series on Noteworthy Judgments (Part 2)

In the second installment of our series on Design Patents in India, BananaIP Counsels presents an analysis of critical judgments that define the scope and interpretation of design law in the country. These rulings offer clarity for stakeholders and contribute significantly to the evolving legal framework surrounding designs. The claim for infringement not established: No Design Infringement of Hipster Alcohol Bottle Design Alcobrew's bottles do not prima facie infringe the registered 'Hipster' bottle design of Diageo says Delhi Court. While rejecting…

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The image is of a super hero reading while flying. The post contains an interview of Dr. Kalyan by SuperLawyer where he gives valuable IP insights. To read more click here.

IP Insights: SuperLawyer interviews Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala

Over the years, we at SiNApSE have been working hard to disseminate IP knowledge in various forms from news posts to interviews and serials. In today’s post, we are happy to bring to your notice some excerpts of Dr. Kalyan Kankanala's interview with Super Lawyer, a resource/publication for students. In the interview Dr. Kalyan discusses in detail his days as a student and his academic journey, his tryst with Intellectual Property as a profession and his interests in research, writing and teaching. …

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