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Patents filed by Young Inventors!

On the occasion of Children’s Day, BananaIP brings to you patent applications granted to or filed by young inventors before the Indian IP Office. This post carries titles, patent application numbers, drawings, abstracts, fields of invention and the names of the inventors for five patent applications. Read More Continue Reading Patents filed by Young Inventors!

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Patent trolls – Lesson No. 1

  Patent trolls are organizations that aggressively defend patent libraries without manufacturing products of their own, which is why they are often referred to as Non Practicing Entities (NPEs) or Patent Assertion Entities (PAEs). These NPEs hardly contribute to research and development through innovation since they are rarely the original innovators. Moreover, the NPEs own patent libraries by buying inventions and patents cheaply from individual inventors and small entities who are not seeking to enforce them and licence the acquired patent…

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Apple patents "Power" – literally

  Battery life span has always been a major concern for many electronics manufacturers. Recently, Apple has come up with a technology that can extend the life of a portable computing device to several days or even weeks with the use of fuel cells without needing to be plugged in. Apple filed a patent application (US 20150249280) in March which has already been awarded by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent application entitled “Fuel Cell System to Power a…

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