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PlanTain: BananaIP’s Proprietary Technology For Seamless IP Management

At BananaIP, we understand that managing intellectual property (IP) files and tasks can be challenging, especially if you are managing a large portfolio. That’s why we have developed an innovative proprietary technology called PlanTain that makes managing IP easier than ever before.

PlanTain is a comprehensive system for IP management that streamlines tracking timelines, docketing files, and supporting critical IP tasks. It helps our attorneys to provide quality services to our clients, without errors or delays.

PlanTain was developed in-house by our team here at BananaIP. All the technology and methods used for creating PlanTain is intellectual property protected, giving us a competitive edge over other IP firms.

PlanTain’s features make managing IP easier and more efficient. It increases the speed and accuracy of filing deadlines and other IP tasks. PlanTain also helps to maintain an organized filing system, streamlined workflow, and greater transparency.

With PlanTain, BananaIP provides our clients with best-in-class IP services that are reliable and of the highest quality. PlanTain supplements the quality, expertise, and experience of our IP attorneys, and enables them to do the best for their clients. The AI and other technology integrated in it contributes to the effectiveness and efficiency of BananaIP’s attorneys and services.

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