Celebrating 20 Years of IP Excellence

BananaIP's Collaboration with NSRCEL

BananaIP Counsels is an IP law firm that began its journey at NSRCEL in 2004/05. Today, the firm stands as a leading IP services provider in India, working extensively with businesses, startups, and inventors. With a team of experienced IP attorneys, we provide tailored solutions across various industries. Over the years, BananaIP has worked with more than 2,000 clients, helping them gain business value, financial valuation, and commercial benefits from their IP assets.

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Benefits of the Startup Program

  • Tailored IP Consultation and Advisory: Personalized advice from experienced IP attorneys to help you navigate IP matters.
  • Dedicated IP Mentorship Programs: Ongoing support and guidance to build and manage a robust IP portfolio in order to increase valuation and gain commercial success.
  • Cost-Effective IP Filing Solutions: Affordable services for filing patents, trademarks, designs, and copyrights.
  • Interactive Meetups and Educational Sessions: Opportunities to learn from experts and network with peers.
  • Free IP Mining Services: Identifying valuable IP assets and opportunities within your business.

Contact Information

Point of Contact: Mr. Rakesh Krishnan
Mobile: +91-8105360035
Tel: +91-80-49536207, +91-80-26860414/24/34
Email: [email protected]