Indian Patent Process and Procedure – Presentation by Ms. Vinita Radhakrishnan at UPES School of Law

This presentation titled is part of the ‘Patent Law and Practice Program’ being taught by BananaIP Team at UPES School of Law to Students.
This presentation covers the General Patent Process and Procedure along with the Patent Process and Procedure in India. The following topics have been covered in the presentation below:
– Law, Regulations and Guidelines
– Indian Patent Process
– Applicant
– Exercise
– Filing Mode
– Fee Details In Filing
– Filing Offices
– Exercise
– Type Of Filing
– Contents of Specification
– Documents
– Formality Examination
– Publication
– Fee Details In Early Publication
– Exercise
– Request For Examination
– Fee Details for RFE
– Examination Process
– Exercise
– Pre Grant Opposition
– Grant
– Publication Of Granted Patents
– Post Grant Opposition
– Other Concepts
– Annuity
– Statement of Undertaking
– Patent of Addition (Sec 55)
– Working of Patent
– Revocation
You may view the full presentation here below:

About Ms. Vinita Radhakrishnan
Ms. Vinita is a senior partner at BananaIP and specializes in Bio/Pharma patent law and Patent Strategy. She heads the patent research and analytics division of the firm. Vinita has worked with several large companies in the Biotechnology and Pharma Sector and start ups to help them design their IP strategy in-line with their business goals.

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