Drug Discovery

Nature of Company: Drug Discovery

Why they approached us:

  • Did not have an IP Management Process.
  • Did not have an in house IP team to manage IP and IP related transactions.
  • Needed cost effective worldwide patent services.

What did we do:

  • IP Audit was performed to understand the R and D Process and set up a robust IP system within the organization.
  • Organized IP training program across the company to build IP awareness.
  • Worked on a retainer ship model to draft/review IP Agreements and other IP transaction documents.
  • Provided a dedicated organic chemistry expert to work closely with the R and D team, perform patent searches, FTOs and inputs.
  • Supported the company with all IP activities and helped them build an In house IP team.
  • Through our high quality international network, provided worldwide patent services with a cost advantage.


  • Managed their IP activities Effectively and efficiently.
  • Filed over 80 patents worldwide.
  • Has a robust in house IP management system for mining relevant IP.