Vinita Radhakrishnan

Senior Partner, Chief Patent Officer

Co-Founder, Intellepedia; and
Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute.

Ms. Vinita Radhakrishnan oversees and manages the Biosciences, chemistry and pharmaceutical divisions of the firm. She advises clients on IP/Patent strategy for Indian and international markets. Vinita also plays an important role in strategic alliances, operations and finance management in the firm.

Focus Areas

  • Patent Research, Drafting, Filing and Prosecution
  • Risk Assessment, Freedom To Operate (FTO) Search and Analysis, Patent Landscaping, Patent Mapping
  • Patent Strategy, Licensing, Due Diligence and Audit
  • Partnership and collaboration management


  • Masters in Intellectual Property, Munich Intellectual Property Law Centre, Max Planck Institute, Germany
  • Masters in Health Sciences, University of Pune
  • Doctoral research candidate in pharma patent law, Max Planck Institute, Germany

Research Interests

  • Pharmaceutical Patent Law
  • Intellectual Property Strategy for Startups and entrepreneurs.
  • Professional Registrations
  • Registered Patent Agent
  • Initiatives
  • Contributor, SiNApSE Blog, a leading IP Blog in India –; and
    Co-Founder, Intellepedia, House of Intellectual Property Ventures –


  • Ten plus years of patent experience with respect to a wide array of activities from patent searching to filing, prosecution and management
  • Worked with some of the leading companies and research institutions in Pharma, Biotechnology and chemistry fields
  • Worked as an inhouse counsel in a drug discovery company, and helped the company devise the patent strategy, establish processes, build a strong patent portfolio and enable license deals
  • Participated in IP/Patent due diligence processes for making strategic decisions, licensing transactions and raising investments
  • Helped companies assess product launch risks and strategize generic drug launches
  • Continuously performs research on law, policy and economic aspects of patents with special focus on pharmaceutical industry


  • Classical Dance and its convergence with modern art

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