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Innovation is the foundation of modern business.  Such innovations, the fruits of your labor, are protected by patents.  Patents serve not only as a weapon to stop competitors from infringing your inventions, but also to keep competitors from entering your market in the first place.  Patents are invaluable tools for differentiating your product, increasing company valuation, and assisting you in capturing a greater market share.



Brand recollection and goodwill can make or break a company.  Protection of assets in the form of brands is possible through trademarks.  A registered mark or logo serves to distinguish your products and solutions from those of your competition.  A carefully managed trademark portfolio can drive sales, licensing opportunities, and increase your overall valuation.



Content is king.  This is more true today than ever before, with the advent of the internet, social media and digital age.  Copyright plays a key role in fortifying the expression of ideas, be it literary, dramatic, musical or artistic.  A copyright gives your work the necessary protection to enable you to capitalize and gain business/financial value from your work.

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IP for Startups & Entrepreneurs

IP for Startups & Entrepreneurs

Intellectual Property (IP) is an invaluable business tool for a start up, or an entrepreneur. It provides several advantages to kick start one’s business. For most start ups/entrepreneurs, IP is sometimes the only tool that can give them business/competitive advantage in the market place and enhance valuation of the start up. By using the exclusivity offered by IP, a start up can get a head start in business and generate revenues.

IP for e-Commerce, Online & Mobile Businesses

IP for e-Commerce, Online & Mobile Businesses

Intellectual Property (IP) is an important business tool for e-Commerce, online and mobile businesses. e-Commerce portals, aggregators, marketplaces, content distributors, mobile applications, and other online/mobile businesses generate valuable IP, which can be effectively used for gaining business and competitive advantage.

Media & Entertainment Law

Media & Entertainment Law

During the last decade, the Indian entertainment industry has come a long way ranging from new avenues of content commercialization, to sophistication in licensing content.  While a plethora of business opportunities are available to content owners, and creators, capitalizing on the said opportunities requires an insight into the entertainment business, expertise in copyright and several other laws, knowledge of modern technology, and awareness of transactions in the industry.

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