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BIP Counsels (BananaIP Counsels), formerly Brain League IP Services, founded in 2004 at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore’s incubation center (NSRCEL), is recognized as an IP/Patent trailblazer in India. The firm’s mission is to help clients maximize business value from their IP/Patents, and gain competitive advantage in the market place. In its evolution from Brain League, BIP carries forward the firm’s core values – Merger of Technology, Management and Law, Swift Adaptation to Changes in Competitive Environment, and Business Driven Approach to IP/Patent Services.

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Yash Raj Films has had excellent experiences working with BananaIP, previously Brain League team. They have been a source of insightful opinion for all legal matters, end-to-end copyright and trademark registrations and other IP matters. The team brings to the table, unparalleled legal expertise  and business acumen in the entertainment field. YRF sees BananaIP as an organization with great dedication, and commitment to their client’s cause.

Dr. Kalyan and his team were instrumental in helping United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), International Center for Advancement of Manufacturing Technology (ICAMT) devise innovative IP programs for SMEs. Strategic IP Audits, Best Practices, and business driven IP Filings of Dr. Kalyan have helped many of our cluster companies move up the IP value chain.

Essilor being a world leader in the plastic ophthalmic lens business, it has to protect its innovative brands in every country. Brainleague, now BananaIP,  has been supporting Essilor India in getting its Indian brands registered. The best part in the service provided by the firm is the transparency and not requiring any followups. …  We feel privileged to have services from Brainleague led by Mr. Kalyan.

We at NSRCEL and IIMB have called upon Dr.  Kalyan for professional support in a  variety of ways and on numerous occasions.  What has struck me in each of those instances is the readiness with which he has responded:  Willingly, professionally. … We feel privileged and fortunate to know Dr.  Kalyan and that we are able to draw on his knowledge, experience and insight freely.

A ‘personalised’ local support, understanding of nuances of different IP laws and a global operational reach make BananaIP, earlier  Brain league, the guys to work with.

The firm has an excellent team with an ability to understand complex technical aspects of innovations and advise innovators on patentable claims.  I am very impressed with their expertise.

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