Bombay High Court to hear urgent IP matters in chamber, CGPTDM-WIPO’s PCT Seminars in India again and more

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In this week’s  Patent News – CGPDTM to organize WIPO-IPO PCT Roving Seminars; RGNIIPM to organize Public Training Programs in the field of IP; Bombay High Court directs hearing of urgent IP matters in-chamber; U.S government sues Gilead Sciences for patent infringement; Zimbabwe Intellectual Property Organization and WIPO host Africa Intellectual Property Rights Conference; Liberia IPO to host the annual Administrative and Ministerial Councils Meeting; EPO signs Validation Agreement with government of Georgia, and more.


CGPDTM to organize WIPO-IPO PCT Roving Seminars

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Indian Patent Office (IPO) have collaborated once more in order to organize PCT Roving Seminars in India. The seminars are being organized in association with Industry Associations, ASSOCHAN and CII. As per the notification published on IP India, the seminars are being conducted as a symbol of WIPO’s continuing efforts to increase global awareness regarding IPR and innovation. The Roving Seminars are likely to be beneficial to anybody seeking to protect their inventions globally. During the seminar, WIPO and IPO officials w