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Copyright Statistics 2019 Recap

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Copyright Statistics 2019 Recap

Copyright Statistics 2019 Recap

A total of 21,153 applications for copyright registrations were filed in the year 2019. There was an increase of 3126 applications in comparison to the total number of applications for the year 2018, which was 18,027.

There was an increase of 17.3% in the total number of copyright applications filed during the year 2019 as compared to 2018. The majority of applications filed in the year 2019 were for literary/dramatic works, followed by artistic works and the least number of applications were filed for musical works.

Monthly Applications

In the year 2019, the least number of applications were made during the month of March, while the maximum applications were made during the month of November.

The average number of applications per month was 1763.

The following chart represents the number of copyright applications filed in each month in 2019:

The following table provides detailed data for the month-wise applications for each type of work:

MonthLiterary/Dramatic WorkArtistic WorkMusical WorkCinematograph WorkComputer SoftwareSound RecordingTotal

Noteworthy Copyright Applications Filed During 2019

The music recording company, Super Cassettes Industries Pvt. Ltd. applied for several copyrights for sound recordings, all in the month of October. These include the song titled “Chogada” from the film Loveyatri, “O Saki Saki” from the film Batla House, and “Bekhayali” from the film Kabir Singh, among others. Interestingly, these songs are among the most popular songs released during the year, though the copyright applications were filed after the respective films were released in theatres. From the South Indian film industry, Sony Music Entertainment applied to register the copyright for the two most popular songs of the year, titled “Azaghiye” and “Saarattu Vandiliya”, both of which have over 10 million views.


Authored and compiled by Neharika Vhatkar (Associate, BananaIP Counsels) and Sruthi Sundharesan (Legal Intern)

The Copyright Statistics Bulletin is brought to you by the Consulting/Strategy Division of BananaIP Counsels, a Top IP Firm in India. If you have any questions, or need any clarifications, please write to [email protected]  with the subject: Copyright Statistics.

Disclaimer: Please note that the news bulletin has been put together from different sources, primary and secondary, and BananaIP’s reporters may not have verified all the news published in the bulletin. You may write to [email protected] for corrections and take down.

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