2019 Intellectual Property Statistics in India – Up, Up and away!

For many, 2019 appeared to be a tumultuous year, legally and politically, while for others it was a year of radical but welcome changes. The view remains divided. Intellectual Property in India however, appears to have had a reasonably good year saving some deeply tragic losses such as that of IP luminary, Prof. Shamnad Basheer.

In this post, we bring to you a recap of the patent statistics from 2019 and a comparison of these numbers with the statistics from 2017 and 2018. The data provided herein is calculated for the respective calendar years (January to December). The data is likely to be significantly different from the data provided in the annual reports of the Indian Patent Office which take into account the financial year of March to April.


A total of 83,226 patent applications were examined in 2019 surpassing the total of 81,406 patent applications examined in 2018. The total number of grants in 2019 also shot up by as much as 68% in comparison to the total number of grants in 2018. The patent office on an average examined and issued 228 first examination reports (FERs) per day. While the pendency of patent applications seems to have most certainly reduced, it remains to be seen whether the number of filings in 2018 and 2019 increased in relation to 2017. It looks like we will have to wait until the annual reports for these years are tabled before the parliament by the patent office. 

Particulars 2017 2018 2019
Applications published 45196 38961 49351
Granted 12205 13813 23257
Examined 53829 81406 83226


2019 certainly appears to have been a great year for Industrial designs. A total of 14,529 designs were registered in 2019 as compared to 8,037 registrations in 2018, signifying a mammoth increase of about 81% in filings and registrations. Industrial designs have slowly but surely grown in terms of numbers, if one were to look at the data from the past decade. 2019 however has surpassed all previous years by recording a registration of 14,500 designs. We hope that this number will increase similarly in 2020 as awareness on Industrial designs takes the centre stage.

Particulars 2017 2018 2019
Total Registrations 9694 8037 14529


Trademarks are perhaps one of the most notable and well known forms of intellectual property in India. The trademark registry is also perhaps one of the busiest departments under the Office of the CGPDTM. The Trademark registry in 2019 received as many 3,36,000 applications in 2019 which marks an increase of about 8% in comparison to the total number of applications received in 2018. The number of registrations however appear to have dipped by over 13% from 2018 when total registrations hovered around 3.5 lakh! In 2019 about 3 lakh applications were registered.

Particulars 2017 2018 2019
Total Number of Trademark Applications Filed 253,906 311,078 336,194
Total Number of Trademark Applications Examined 377,710 370,015 384,725
Total Number of Trademark Applications Published 389,428 429,440 380,922
Total Number of Trademark Applications Registered 331,669 348,556 302,816


Copyright filings and registrations have been on the rise over the past three years. While about 18,026 copyright applications were filed in 2018, the number of applications in 2019 increased by over 17.5% totaling to a figure of 21,179 applications. The largest chunk of applications appear to have been filed for literary/ dramatic works and artistic works. While 11,898 applications were filed in respect of literary/ dramatic works about 5,781 applications were filed in respect of artistic works.

Particulars August 2017 – December 2017 2018 2019
Literary/Dramatic Works 3964 9725 11898
Artistic Works 1585 4726 5781
Musical Works 133 274 320
Cinematograph Works 118 309 346
Computer Softwares 602 2172 1679
Sound Recordings 1408 820 1155
Total 7810 18026 21179

Geographical Indications (G.Is)

2019 was a fantastic year for Geographical indications in India. Based on a manual review of the journals, it appears that about 31 products were registered as G.Is between January 2019 and December 2019. Some notable registrations of 2019 include Coorg Arabica Coffee, Wayanaad Robusta Coffee, Chikmagalur Arabica Coffee, Bababudangiris Arabica Coffee, Araku Valley Arabica Coffee, Odisha Rasagola, and Dindigul Locks among others.


Total No. of New GIs Registered




1.   Applique (Khatwa) Work of Bihar (Logo)

2.   Molela Clay Work (Logo)

3.   Bardhaman Sitabhog

4.   Bardhaman Mihidana

5.   Sikki Grass Products of Bihar

6.   Sujini Embroidery Work of Bihar (Logo)

7.   Blue Pottery of Jaipur (Logo)

8.   Kathputlis of Rajasthan (Logo)

9.   Udayagiri Wooden Cutlery

10.       Pochampally Ikat (Logo)

11.       Gobindabhog Rice

12.       Durgi Stone Carvings

13.       Etikoppaka Toys

14.       Tulaipanji Rice

15.       Chakhesang Shawls

16.       Mahabalipuram Stone Sculpture

17.       Banglar Rasogolla

18.       Lamphun Brocade Thai Silk

19.       Nilambur Teak



1.   Bankura Panchmura Terracotta Craft

2.   Pokaran Pottery

3.   Adilabad Dokra

4.   Warangal Durries

5.   Allagadda Stone Carving

6.   Bhagalpuri Zardalu

7.   Katarni Rice

8.   Magahi Paan

9.   Ghazipur Wall-hanging

10.       Varanasi Soft Stone Jali Work

11.       Bengal Dokra

12.       Bengal Patachitra

13.       Purulia Chau Mask

14.       Wooden Mask of Kushmandi

15.       Madurkathi

16.       Jhabua Kadaknath Black Chicken Meat

17.       BokaChaul

18.       Grana Padano

19.       Shahi Litchi of Bihar

20.       Sangli Turmeric

21.       Pethapur Printing Blocks

22.       Silao Khaja



1.   Coorg Arabica Coffee

2.   Wayanaad Robusta Coffee

3.   Chikmagalur Arabica Coffee

4.   Araku Valley Arabica Coffee

5.   Bababudangiris Arabica Coffee

6.   Himachali Kala Zeera

7.   Sirsi Supari

8.   Himachali Chulli Oil

9.   Chunar Balua Patthar

10.       Erode Manjal (Erode Turmeric)

11.       Marayoor Jaggery (Marayoor Sharkara)

12.       Thirubuvanam Silk Sarees

13.       Jeera phool

14.       Kandhamal Haladi

15.       Odisha Rasagola

16.       Kodaikanal Malai Poondu

17.       Pawndum

18.       Ngotekherh

19.       Hmaram

20.       Palani Panchamirtham

21.       Tawlhlohpuan

22.       Mizo Puanchei

23.       Gulbarga Tur Dal

24.       Tirur Betel Leaf

25.       Irish Whiskey

26.       Khola Chilli

27.       Idu Mishmi Textiles

28.       Dindigul Locks

29.       Kandangi Saree

30.       Srivilliputtur Palkova

31.       Kaji Nemu

Statistics compiled by:

  • Ms. Vibha Amarnath & Mr. Gaurav Mishra – Patents and Industrial Designs
  • Ms. Shreya Chaddha & Ms. Uma T.S – Trademarks
  • Ms. Neharika Vhatkar & Ms. Sruthi Sundharesan (Legal Intern) – Copyrights
  • Ms. Tanvi Chaturvedi (Legal Intern) – Geographical Indications


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