BananaIP's Program for Startups

BananaIP Counsels Announces Partnership with Telangana AI Mission (T-AIM)

BananaIP's partnership with NASSCOM takes our firm's IP programs for startups another step forward. The primary goal of this initiative is to drive Artificial Intelligence, Electric Mobility and Health Technology startup growth in India through patent and other IP strategies.

IP Program for Startups

T-AIM's (NASSCOM) startups can now avail IP information, guidance, and support easily and conveniently from BananaIP's team of attorneys and experts.

IP Helpdesk

A dedicated weekly helpdesk for Startups to interact with BananaIP's experts on IP matters


Masterclass Series on Intellectual Property and Business

IP Mining and Audits

BananaIP will help Select Startups to discover, protect and monetize its IP

About Us

BananaIP Counsels

It’s an approach that brings together the best of financial planning and the best of investment management.

With the vision of offering high quality, technology, and business driven IP law services following international standards, Dr. Kalyan Kankanala co-founded BananaIP Counsels (formerly Brain League) in 2004. The firm incubated from IIMB’s entrepreneurship cell (NSRCEL) and has today emerged as a top ranked and premier IP firm in India.

When strong technology background, specialized legal knowledge, and keen business acumen converge with unparalleled expertise, long term experience and exceptional qualifications of your IP attorneys, your creations, inventions and innovations are in able hands.

World Class Patent Services

Highly specialized and experienced team of Patent Agents

IP Helpdesk

 Intellectual Property experts will be available once every week on a designated day to answer any queries related to IP

BananaIP's Helpdesk will assist Startups in

Creating and Identifying IP in order to gain commercial value from

  • Intellectual Property
  • Patents
  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • Industrial Designs
  • Trade Secrets
  • E-commerce Law
  • Technology Law
  • Agreements & Contracts
  • and other IP Queries

Masterclass on IP

Intellectual Property is today an important business tool for Start Ups. It helps Startups to protect their creativity and innovation, and gain exclusivity in the marketplace to commercialize their ideas.

Over the years, IP has proved to be extremely valuable in facing competition, enhancing valuation, and acquiring funding. Today, holding IP, especially patents, is given significant importance by investors, acquirers, competitors, and even the general public. If it has strong IP, a Start Up has a better chance of establishing itself in the market and growing.

To use IP effectively, Start Ups must be aware of different facets of IP protection, management and commercialization, and must learn how to use it in various contexts. The objective of the Masterclass is to help Start Ups gain an understanding of IP, especially patents, and to give them the tool kit for success.


BananaIP's The Master Class is for:

✓ Start Ups
✓ Entrepreneurs
✓ Prospective Entrepreneurs
✓ Independent Inventors/Creators
✓ Artists
✓ SMEs

Who will deliver the Master Class?

The Master Class will be delivered by accomplished IP Experts from BananaIP Counsels, who have over the last 18 years trained more than 20,000 corporates. They also teach business and technology based IP courses at IIMB, NLSIU, IIMS and so on.


Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, Managing Partner, BananaIP Counsels

Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala

Managing Partner & Chief IP Attorney

• Recognized among the top IP minds of India.

• Has advised more than 1000 clients on IP matters.

• Internationally cited IP attorney and strategist.


Senior Partner

• Nationally recognized telecom, electronics, AI and big data patent agent/attorney.

• Worked as patent agent and attorney for global Fortune 500 clients.

• Instrumental in helping many companies mine, evaluate, protect, and commercialize patents and inventions.

Mr. Somashekar Ramakrishna, Senior Partner, BananaIP Counsels

Somashekar Ramakrishna

Senior Partner

• Nationally recognized automotive, mechanical, and manufacturing patent agent/attorney.

• Has significant experience of working with a leading US Patent Firm and United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO).

• Seasoned patent drafting and prosecution expert for global manufacturing and automotive companies.

Vinita Radhakrishnan, Senior Partner, BananaIP Counsels

Vinita Radhakrishnan

Senior Partner

• Internationally recognized life sciences, pharma and traditional medicine patent agent/attorney.

• Has significant inhouse experience in helping pharma companies strategize, protect and license intellectual property.

• Works with a portfolio of clients across the world on international patent strategy, filing and protection.

Sanjeeth Hegde, Senior Partner, BananaIP Counsels


Senior Partner

• Nationally recognized entertainment law, IP licensing, and trademark attorney.

• Has significant US in-house experience in tech licensing with Fortune 500 companies.

• Advises leading organizations on branding, IP protection, and valuation.

IP Mining and Audits for Select Startups

In order to extract value from their Intellectual Property generated in an organization, the organization has to be aware of the IP being generated, the monetary and competitive value of the IP, and the way to manage this IP effectively. BananaIP will help Select Startups to discover, protect and monetize its IP.

Activities under this Program

✓ IP Mining; and

✓ IP Audits


BananaIP holds the distinction of having performed the highest number of IP Audits/Mining activities in India; over 125 and counting

0 +

Trusting Clients

0 +

IP Applications Filed

0 +

IP Projects handled

0 +

Years of IP Experience


working together to serve your needs

BananaIP has an excellent team with an ability to understand complex technical aspects of innovations and, advise innovators on patentable claims. I am very impressed with their expertise.

Dr. Abhay Karandikar ,

Director - IIT Kanpur

We at NSRCEL and IIMB have called upon Dr. Kalyan for professional support in a variety of ways and on numerous occasions. What has struck me in each of those instances is the readiness with which he has responded: Willingly, professionally. … We feel privileged and fortunate to know Dr. Kalyan and that we are able to draw on his knowledge, experience and insight freely.

Professor Sabarinathan G. ,

Chairperson, NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore

A ‘personalised’ local support, understanding of nuances of different IP laws and a global operational reach make BananaIP, earlier Brain League, the guys to work with.

Mr. Prakash ,

Senior Advisor – Sun Mobility, Former R&D Head - Mahindra Reva

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