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IP Licensing & Commercialization

  • IP/Technology Transfer Office Set Up
  • Technology Marketing
  • IP License Drafting/Negotiation
  • IP Valuation
  • License Management
  • Royalty Management

IP is an intangible asset and can be exploited in several ways to get maximum profits.  The success of a business can be ensured by efficiently managing the IP portfolio and using adequate means to capitalize on these assets, in furtherance of its financial plan.

Licensing/technology transfer is one such way of making one’s product commercially accessible, by giving certain exploitation rights to an entity, which in turn plays royalties to the licensor.

The BIP team understands the industries in which the clients function and help them strategize in a way to attain their much desired business goals.

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Why BananaIP ?

BananaIP’s team of IP/Patent attorneys are among the leaders in the field, and have helped several e-Commerce, online and mobile businesses succeed;

  • The firm’s IP/Patent experts have the experience of working with numerous e-Commerce, online and mobile businesses;
  • Some of BananaIP’s team members run their own e-Commerce, aggregation, and marketplaces online, and are well aware of the dynamics of such businesses;
  • Being a premier new age IP firm in India, BananaIP is aware of developing technologies and business dynamics that influence e-Commerce, online and mobile businesses; and
  • BananaIP has helped many businesses in India, USA and across the world gain huge financial value from their IP/Patent assets.

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