World’s Best IP Blogs: PHOSITA

In patent law, PHOSITA is a mythical person of ordinary skill in the art. This fictional person is considered to have the normal skills and knowledge in a particular technical field, without being a genius. In our World’s Best IP Blogs series, PHOSITA happens to be an Intellectual Property blog of the Oklahoma and Washington based law firm of Dunlap Codding.

The blog is not specific to patents alone as would be expected from a blog named “Phosita”; it is in fact focused on all forms of IP including Copyrights and Trademarks.  The blog was started in late 2003 by Douglas Sorocco, a partner and patent attorney at the firm. PHOSITA blog has had its share of rewards in the form of Awards and Honors presented to it by the likes of ABA law Journal, Barry Sookman, MCCA to name a few. The PHOSITA blog has a Global ranking of 3,842,526 according to Alexa and has a reach rank of 3,509,957. The blog is immensely popular in the US.

The articles on PHOSITA are related to atleast one of the following categories: Patent Resources, IP Strategy, IP for Inventors, IP Public policy, IP Lawsuits, Trademarks, Patent news updates, Global IP news and events and Copyrights. The blog therefore covers all possible aspects of Intellectual Property through its regular articles.

The weblog is integrated with the company website, and may be a little tricky for first time visitors to the blog. In my personal opinion, the blog is fantastic in its content and news undoubtedly, however it is also a hard truth that the blog is not as user friendly as must be expected form a blog of the stature. To validate my argument, I would like to bring it to the notice of the blogging team at PHOSITA that I had my share of difficulties in accessing articles that may have been published at any point of time such as in 2005, 2006 and so on. I do not want to be clicking on the next button every time I want to access an article that was published way in the past. In this case I would have to click at least 16 times or more, to reach the articles that were published in the early years of the blog.

With that said, nothing changes the fact that the blog is an excellent resource for all IP professionals. Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, Leading IP Attorney, Best Selling Author and Founder of BananaIP Blog  expressed his opinion on the blog and said –

“Named after the most adaptive person under patent law, PHOSITA covers skillfully written posts on developments in the IP art. It is one of the best resources on IP law, especially patent law. Dear PHOSITA blog team, congratulations for all the good work in disseminating IP knowledge.”

To conclude in the light of Dr. Kalyan’s comments, PHOSITA blog is unarguably praiseworthy for all the work and effort put in by the firm and blog team in disseminating IP Knowledge. We therefore sincerely appreciate the weblog and the team behind it and thank them for providing us with a rich source of IP information.

Authored by Gaurav Mishra
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