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In our previous posts, we featured some of the best blogs from the United States, Europe and Africa. The blog that we bring to you today is based in the land of the Kangaroos and Wallabies. Much like the Kangaroos, this blog also hops in with fresh IP news on an almost daily basis. The blog that I am talking of happens to be called “Patentology.”

Patentology is an Australian blog which primarily covers IP news from within the island continent of Australia. All of the articles featured on the blog are authored by Mark Summerfield. Mark is a registered Australian Patent and Trade Marks Attorney who specializes in patent law and practices in the fields of digital and computer systems, information and communications technologies, and computer software. While this defines Mark professionally, there is another trait to him. He is a fun person. While this is a presumption, it’s a confident one. Mark’s description about himself and the blog do tend to imply that he is a fun blogger. This is apart from the fact that, the articles on the blog carry an unmistakable hint of his fun persona.

Patentology was launched in 2010 and has been maintained since then by Mark Summerfield. The blog features articles regularly on local and international issues relating to innovation, patents, law and policy. The blog has also been listed on PANDORA, which is Australia’s National Web Archive on significant online publications. While Alexa ranks the weblog at 1,850,308 globally, Google gives it a page rank of 5. While the blog seems to get a high number of visitors, (Keep up the good work Mark!) the blog does not perform particularly well in the search score section. According to the several web analytics tools the blogs visibility in the search engines is definitely an area that can be improved upon. I bring this fact into picture because; given the effort and quality which goes into the articles on the weblog, it is not very nice to see that the weblog misses out on so many potential readers across the globe.

Since its inception, the blog has done a commendable job keeping people abreast with fast, reliable and timely news on the laws, policies, cases and any other happenings in the field of IP. The blog is user friendly and offers a fun reading experience, while also delivering serious content, comments and thoughts on a given news or topic.

Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, Leading IP Attorney, said,

“Patentology from Australia is one of the best patent blogs from the island nation. Patent articles on the blog are not only interesting, but also insightful.

Authored by Gaurav Mishra

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