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Hello there dear readers. Hope you are all having a very Merry Christmas. In our recent post on the World’s Best IP Blogs we featured an IP blog from China called “China IPR.” In today’s post we bring to you an Intellectual Property blog from Latin America. Tango happens to be a dance form that originated in Argentina and Uruguay, in this context Tango refers to the second part of the name of the blog that we are bringing to you today. This blog dances its way into our list of the World’s Best IP Blogs for the way it covers all of the IP news from within Latin America and the world in general.

The weblog is called “IP Tango” and was founded by Jeremy Philips who is also the founder of the European weblog called “the IPKat.” The current manager of the weblog is Dr. Patricia Covarrubia. The other contributors to the blog are Natalia Franco, Gilberto Macias, Aurelio Lopez-Tarruella Martinez and Rodrigo Ramirez.

The weblog analyses recent key cases, legislation and topical matters in Latin America. It covers many areas of IP including merging, unfair competition, trademarks, copyright infringement and compulsory licenses to name a few. In the welcome note posted by the blog on the day of its inception the note reads “This weblog proposes to provide free, reliable and – if possible – entertaining information about IP law, practice and business matters in the sphere of Latin America.” True to these words, the blog has provided absolutely free and reliable information with respect to IP law not only from Latin America but also from across the world.

The blog is quite popular and has received over 800,000 page views since its inception in 2008. Like many other blogs featured in this series, this blog also operates on a blogspot account. Almost all the posts published on the blog are in English and very occasionally feature posts in an alternative language such as Spanish.

The team of IP Tango has done a fantastic job in disseminating knowledge, news and information related to IP since its founding. For this reason it becomes imperative that we at SiNApSE, appreciate the good work of the blog and thank the team for its efforts in ensuring free and reliable access to IP news.

Authored by Gaurav Mishra

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