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Intellectual Property (IP) plays a very important role in providing competitive and business advantage to a company. In order to maximize competitive advantage, a company must make the best and most of its intellectual assets. The owner of any Intellectual Property can procure financial rewards for its use. This is because like tangible property, if ownership of an IP can be clearly established, the IP could be sold, leased, licensed, assigned or mortgaged.


IP and Money have always been related to each other since the recognition of Intellectual Property Rights. The blog we bring to you today is called IP Finance. This weblog looks at financial issues for intellectual property rights: securitization and collateral, IP valuation for acquisition and balance sheet purposes, tax and R&D breaks, film and product finance, calculating quantum of damages or for that matter anything that happens where IP meets money.


The blog was launched in the end of January 2008. The content of the blog is not limited by geography or by type of IP right. The impetus for launching this blog, and the community that it supports, was the realization that the IP community is ill-equipped to respond to the concerns of the financial sector – and vice versa – when changes in banking and accounting practice are mooted.


The IP Finance team during its initial years was managed by Roya Ghafele, Rob Harrison, Eva Lehnert, Charlotte Lindsay, Jeremy Phillips (IPKat), Rupert Symons and Neil J Wilkof. Today, while Rob Harrison and Neil J Wilkof continue to contribute to the blog, the other contributors to the blog include Anne Fairpo, Keith Mallinson, Mike Mireles and Darren Olivier (Afro-IP).


The blog is immensely popular with not just regular readers but also IP firms like BananaIP Counsels (which I am proudly a part of!) who constantly undertake IP Audits and IP valuations. On a personal note, the blog happens to be one of my favorite “Go to’s” whenever I am looking for information on financial issues relating to IP or assisting my senior colleagues at the office on IP Audits and valuations. The fact that the blog has received over 1.2 million pageviews since 2008 is testimony to the favor that the blog receives from people around the world.


Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, Leading IP Attorney, Best Selling Author and Founder of SiNApSE Blog in his comments on the blog said that –

“IP Finance is probably the only blog in the world that deals specifically with the merger of IP with money. It is an excellent source for financial, valuation and business perspectives of IP.

 Great Going IP Finance team. We learn a lot from you.”

The blog in its introductory post identifies that “the weblog is born of a genuine need for reliable and accurate information to be identified, made available and discussed within the intellectual property community.” We at SiNApSE sincerely appreciate the founders and the team at IP Finance for giving us a great blog to refer to.


Authored by Gaurav Mishra



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    Intellectual property is a vast category of properties and this blog gives a detailed brief on all types of intellectual properties and what measure can entail to safeguard your intellectual property right. Thanks a ton for such a factual piece that has given me a perspective to think about these measures i can undertaken. Extremely helpful, looking forward to reading more.

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