Ahmedabad Shopping Festival Trademark Row, Walt Disney and Reliance Retail Merchandise Collaboration, India’s First GI Store in Goa and Other News

Indian Trademark Statistics for January (Fourth Week), National IP Awards-2019, Las Vegas Resorts Settles Trademark Dispute, Popsugar Files Trademark for Twinning, Ahmedabad Shopping Festival Trademark Row Resolved and more, brought to you by the Trademark Attorneys at BananaIP (BIP) Counsels.


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The Indian Trademark Office has had a mixed week. The total number of hearing notices issued by trademark office has increased by five hundred and seventy one percent (571%). The total number of registrations granted has increased by sixty eight percent (68%). However, the total trademark applications examined by trademark office has decreased by twenty four percent (24%).

Weekly Indian Trademark Statistics

Particulars Last Week This Week Change in %
Total Trademark Applications Examined by Trademark Office 9793 7464 A decrease of 24%
Total Applications Disposed through Show Cause Hearings 6605 6946 An increase of 5%
Total Applications Published in the Trademark Journal 9050 7883 A decrease of 13%
Total Registrations Granted 5077 8529 An increase of 68%
Total Hearing Notices Issued 880 5950 An increase of 571%
Total Renewals Notices Issued 2289 2881 An increase of 26%

Trademark Statistics by Office

Total Number of New Applications Received from January 23rd to January 30th, 2019

Sr. No Jurisdiction New Applications Examined Published Registered
1 AHMEDABAD 922 503 791 812
2 CHENNAI 1360 612 999 1971
3 DELHI 2502 1304 2397 2443
4 KOLKATA 446 215 344 428
5 MUMBAI 1738 896 1964 2349
Total   6968 3530 6495 8003

Yearly Trademark Statistics

Trademark Statistics from January 1st, 2019 to January 30th, 2019

  • Total Number of Trademark Applications Filed – 27732
  • Total Number of Trademark Applications Examined –  15689
  • Total Number of Trademark Applications Published – 25610
  • Total Number of Trademark Applications Registered – 22006


Popsugar Files Trademark for TWINNING

PopSugar Inc, an American media company has filed a new trademark for ‘#TWINNING’. The mark has been filed with the USPTO for downloadable software. TWINNING is a celebrity lookalike tool developed by Popsugar, under which the user has to upload a picture of themselves and the tool shall match the picture with the celebrity whom you resemble.


Trademark Battle over a Shopping Festival Resolved

An advertising firm, 3rd Eye Event & Advertising had filed a case last week in the Ahmedabad commercial court alleging trademark infringement by Ahmedabad government authorities for using the name ‘Ahmedabad Shopping Festival 2019’ without prior permission from the advertising firm. The firm had been using the registered trademark ‘Ahmedabad Shopping Festival’ since 2015.
The trademark row was amicably resolved as the State Government submitted before the commercial court that it was not aware that the trademark ‘Ahmedabad Shopping Festival’ existed and was registered by 3rd Eye Event & Advertising. Based on the submission, the advertising firm decided to withdraw its Rs. 10 crore suit.


Las Vegas Resorts Settles Trademark Dispute

Resorts World Las Vegas (RWLV), a casino owned by Genting Group and Wynn Resorts, an American hotel group, have agreed to settle a trademark dispute over trade dress revolving around the design of the $4 billion RWLV project. Wynn Resorts had filed a suit against RMLV, claiming that the design of RWLV building under construction is very similar to the Wynn Resort, which may cause confusion amongst the customers as well as dilute the trade dress of their building. The lawsuit had alleged trade dress infringement; unfair competition and false designation of origin; federal trademark dilution; state trademark dilution as well as copyright infringement. However, the conditions and content of the settlement have not been disclosed.


Walt Disney and Reliance Retail Collaboration

India’s largest retailer, Reliance Retail has inked a licensing deal with Walt Disney Company to retail Disney products featuring popular characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck under its private label. Reliance will be launching toys, packaged foods, apparels, electronics and back-to-school items such as lunch boxes, school bags and stationery.


India’s First GI Store in Goa

Country’s first Geographical Indication (GI) store was inaugurated at the Dabolim International Airport, Goa. The Goa GI store will be selling cashew nuts and other state specific products. Goan Feni is one of the GI products, and Mankurad Mango which is a local specialty. It is expected that all airports in India will have GI stores in the future and this will help promote local products and artisans.


National IP Awards-2019

The Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks has invited the submission of Applications for its annual National IP Awards ceremony. The ceremony will be organized by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) in collaboration with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) to be held later this year on the 26th of April 2019. The ten categories in which the awards shall be given include:

  1. Top Individual for Patents & Commercialization
  2. Top Indian Academic institution for Patents & Commercialization
  3. Top R & D Institution/Organisation for Patents & Commercialization
  4. Top Public Limited Company / Private Limited Company for Patents & Commercialization in India (Indian and Foreign)
  5. Top Indian Private Company (MSME) for Patents & Commercialization
  6. Top Start-up for IP Commercialization
  7. Top Indian Company /Organization for Designs
  8. Top Indian Company for Creating Global Brand
  9. Top Individual / Organization for Best Facilitation of Registration of GI and Promotion of registered GI in India
  10. Best Police Unit (District /Zone in a Commissionerate) for enforcement of IP in the Country

Along with the awards, a price money of INR 1,00,000 shall be presented to the winners. The Applicant can be either an individual or a legal entity. The last date for submission of the applications is 28th February 2019.


A movie or a song title can be trademarked as long as it can demonstrate that it has acquired distinctiveness and the consumers have started recognizing the title due to your consistent promotional and advertising efforts.
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