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Weekly news updates for the E-commerce domain.

E-Commerce monopolistic practices to be curbed by CAIT campaign

In order to curtail the anti-competitive practices carried out by big corporate houses, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) will be launching a campaign to form clusters of traders on the cooperative model. CAIT will encourage and educate traders to form clusters and pool their resources including finance, technology and marketing in order to improve their purchasing power, negotiating with producers and also to obtain goods at competitive prices. The institution is also planning to propagate a consortium scheme, where traders in different trades with varying lending capacity will be able to form a consortium and lend capital, technology as well as marketing skills.

Walmart to gain competitive edge over E-Commerce companies

Walmart has more than 3500 stores across the United States and 31 fulfilment centres, and thus has the capacity to provide same-day delivery to around 80% of the US population. It is also planning to start packing and sending third-party sellers’ goods through its stores, thereby making deliveries even faster and cost effective. The Company is also planning to expand its drone delivery service to 37 stores across 6 states by the end of the year. Another important aspect of Walmart’s E-commerce strategy is its ‘InHome’ service which is built on a high level of customer trust. Employees walk into stranger’s home and put food and other groceries directly in their kitchen and leave behind a sticky note to inform them that they have visited.

Amazon issues critical response against US Bill

The “American Innovation and Choice Online Act” is a bill that has been introduced to prevent E-commerce platforms from giving preference to their own products. According to the Amazon’s spokesperson, the legislation will jeopardize the vast selection and low prices of products made available to its customers by Amazon as well as the fast and free shipping through Amazon Prime. They claimed that if the bill becomes a law, it will substantially degrade the value and quality of services provided through Amazon Prime as the company will not be able to fulfil their promise of one day delivery for many products.

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