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This week’s Antitrust and Data Privacy Updates are as below –

Mark Zuckerberg to testify before Federal Trade Commission Over Purchasing Within

Meta Platforms CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, is set to give his testimony in the case initiated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC has raised their objections to the purchase of the Virtual Reality (VR) content-making company, Within Unlimited. FTC argues that if this purchase by Meta is not blocked, it has the potential to create a monopoly in the favor of Meta, especially when it comes to VR Fitness Applications, and that it would have a substantial impact on the competition in the market. Mark is expected to defend their acquisition of Within, as well as provide an explanation as to the company’s strategy in ensuring no harm to competition in the market as a result of their endeavour.


Google May Challenge CCI Ruling Over Antitrust Claims

Alphabet Inc., the parent company to the tech-website Google has faced two significant antitrust fines from the CCI in the last few weeks, one concerning its in-app commission policy and the other for antitrust activities related to its mobile platform, Android. The company has not commented on it, but the lead counsel for the company has called the CCI ruling riddled with ‘inherent and patent infirmities’, and a challenge to the decision is likely to succeed. Google has faced significant lawsuits over the last few years for its alleged anti-competitive activities. While Google suffers from its fines and remedial measures in India, according to a Reuters report, the company’s App Store Policies are once again in the sights of the European Competition Commission’s investigation.


Bed Bath & Beyond, Twilio Suffer Data Breaches

In a wave of cyber-attacks around the world, the American companies Bed Bath & Beyond, & Twilio, have admitted to access to their data by third parties, and theft of that data by those third parties with malicious intentions. Twilio has been hit by such attacks twice this year, which has led to access by third parties to data of more than hundreds of customers’ data. Bed Bath & Beyond suffered a similar data breach and intends to review the data which was accessed to determine if the drive contained any sensitive personally identifiable data, while stressing that such a possibility was not likely.

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