Wacky Patents 3: Earth Orbital Bombs as Nuclear Deterrents

This post was first published on December 05, 2014.


The world is facing a lot of problems like energy crisis, border disputes, international security issues and the deadliest of all, the Nuke! The world is trying to combat these issues, both individually and collectively, and yet is unable to come up with a comprehensive solution. But Arthur Paul Pedrick came up with a one-stop shop for all global concerns with his invention titled, Earth Orbital bombs as Nuclear Deterrents.

The patent specification starts off with a philanthropic note saying that the invention is concerned with the means for meeting the world’s so-called “energy-crisis”. But then speaks of what the invention is actually about, when the specification discloses that, in particular, the invention deals with “…the provision of a system of orbital nuclear bombs whereby distrust between nations may be removed to the extent that they can release the deuterium and tritium in their stored nuclear bombs to allow it to be used for peaceful purposes i.e., more particularly for the generation of electricity…”

The Great Britain Patent No. 1361962 was filed in January, 1973, and was thought to be the source of deterrence for all countries which had nuke resources. After explaining the complex hokey-pokey of his version of nuclear physics, Pedrick goes on to describe how the invention actually works. He says that the invention relates to a very powerful nuclear bomb which is put in the Earth’s orbit by some certain means, controlled by some international organization like the United Nations. It is triggered by any nuclear activity that happens on Earth by one nation against another.

Pedrick calls this arrangement Automatic Response Nuclear Defense System or the ARNDS. He says this is a system to prevent mutual attacks between the present powers i.e., USA, USSR and China and future powers. The satellites carrying the bombs which have the capability of energy release of over 1000 Megaton, equivalent in TNT, is placed in the Earth Orbital Track sufficiently above the air layer, close to the position of Washington, Moscow and Peking (the then capital of China). If any of these countries attempt a nuclear attack on any of the other countries, then the bombs in the satellites automatically get triggered directly focussed on one or more of these countries, thus causing massive explosion.

Thus, he says, if any country attempts to initiate a nuclear attack, it can only be certain of committing suicide. I wonder if Pedrick ever realized the amount of energy these bombs could release if they exploded on any of these countries. I wonder if he ever realized how much energy 1000 Megaton equivalent in TNT would mean. He certainly would have meant to deter the world’s Super Powers from initiating a nuclear attack, but if this patent were ever to be implemented, then it would only mean the end of the world. The very thought of it is spine-chilling! And that’s what I call a Freaky Patent!

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