Valentines Day Gifts (Love Patents IX): Happy Valentine’s Day!

The day has finally arrived! Hearts, roses, gifts, curious onlookers, etc. are all over the street. It looks like there is nothing in this world to be prized more than true love.

On this special occasion of proposing your love and to make the special ones feel more special, here comes a patented invention for all those who believe in love.

The patented invention being discussed here is filed in the US with the Application number – US 11362934 and is titled “Vase with greeting card display.” The invention discloses an apparatus for displaying flowers and a greeting card.

The invention discloses a hollow vase with a slot for displaying the greeting card in an upright position. The hollow vase is further provided a top end, a bottom end and an outer surface. The top end includes a receptacle that holds and stores a bouquet of fresh flowers and hydrating water. The bottom end of the vase acts as a base for setting the vase on a horizontal surface. The retention means of the card is provided in the outer surface of the vase. The greeting card is provided with an open end and a closed end. The slot is provided to receive the closed end of the greeting card. An opening is formed in the top end of the vase with the opening extending from the top end of the vase to the bottom end of the vase. The slot is formed in the outer surface of the vase with the slot extending from the top end of the vase to the bottom end of the vase.

The below figures depicts a front perspective view  and a rear perspective view of a vase with greeting card display respectively, constructed in accordance with the patented invention.


The vase with greeting card display offers user a unique and novel means of showing one another how much they care for each other. Through beautiful flowers and a thoughtful greeting card, the vase of the patented invention conveys a sense of friendship or love when given or received. So don’t wait too long and grab this gift idea quickly for your valentine and make him/her feel like the most special person on this Valentine’s Day.

Wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day

Authored by Blessen Koshy

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