Upcoming IP Event: Copyright for Writers and Publishers (6th January 2020)

BananaIP Counsels, through Intellepedia, is happy to announce a seminar on “Creative Expression and Copyright Protection”, an event for writers, novelists and publishers, on 6th January, 2020 at its office.
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Event Information

With the emergence of novel and innovative publishing models, authors, writers and novelists have the choice of numerous publication options. They no longer need to wait for a nod from a publisher, whose considerations are often not limited to the quality of their literary work. Today’s authors can  write and publish their work in digital form on their own social media platforms or on platforms of aggregators like Smashwords, Kindle and so on, and make physical copies of their writings available through platforms that enable print on demand, pay and publish, etc., such as Pothi, Patridge, and so on. As writers and novelists navigate through the publication landscape, protection of their work from misuse, unauthorised publication, royalty misappropriation, piracy and unauthorised listing assumes importance. Unless authors, novelists and publishers take necessary steps to safeguard their rights and interests, the commercial value of their writings may diminish swiftly.
Copyright protection can help authors protect their writings appropriately, stop unauthorised publication and distribution, and safeguard the commercial value of their work. This two-hour session specially designed for authors, writers, novelists and independent publishers provides a primer on copyright protection and nuances of publication. The session is being organised by Intellepedia at BananaIP’s office.

Take Aways

During the session, writers may expect to learn:
1. What is copyright protection, how far does it extend, and how does it help a writer?
2. How can an author register a copyright on her own?
3. What are some important clauses in publishing agreements online and offline?
4. When can a writer use others’ writings?
5. What is fair use, and when can others use a writers’ work?
6. How can an author take down unauthorised publication of their work online?
7. How to manage copyrights online and offline?


The session will be delivered by Dr. Kalyan Kankanala and Ms. Ashwini Arun from BananaIP Counsels, a top ranked IP firm in India.

Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala
Dr. Kalyan Kankanala is a well-known IP attorney and author based out of Bangalore. He has published more than ten books, which are well referred and cited. He has so far written four law thriller novels, which are critically acclaimed.
Dr. Kalyan has long-term experience of helping authors, writers and publishers on copyright, trademark and other issues. He works extensively with writers in the film, music and content industries. He also teaches at premier institutions such as NLSIU and IIMB.

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