A Pharmaceutical Perspective by Ms. Vinita Radhakrishnan

This talk on Trade Secrets and Patents was delivered by Ms. Vinita Radhakrishnan at the IIPLA 5th IP Conference held at the Carlton Palace Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).
You may view the full presentation below.

Topics Covered in the presentation include:
1. The shift from traditional medicine to modern medicine
2. Making a choice between patents and trade secrets
3. Pros and Cons of Trade Secrets and Patents
4. IP Protection Models
5. Invention based IP strategy
6. Industry based IP strategy
7. Industry Trends
8. Top 10 pharma companies and their patenting trends
9. Patent trends (decrease in patents filed)
10. Number of patent applications filed by pharma companies
11. The Pharma Paradox
12. Moving towards a risk averse model
13. The future prospects
14. Alternate models
15. Open innovation
16. Possible impact on market dynamics
17. Patents and Trade Secrets conclusion
About Ms. Vinita Radhkrishnan
Ms. Vinita, a senior partner at BananaIP, specializes in Bio/Pharma patent law and Patent Strategy. She heads the patent research and analytics division of the firm. She holds a L.L.M in Intellectual Property degree from MIPLC, Max Planck Institute, Germany and is currently pursuing her doctoral research at Max Planck institute for IP and Innovation.
Over the years, Vinita worked with several large companies in the Biotechnology and Pharma Sector. Some of her clients include Connexios Life Sciences, Astra Zeneca, Muniyal Ayurveda, Nadathur Group of holdings and Wockhardt.
Vinita works with promising start ups to help them design their IP strategy in-line with their business goals. She is a registered Patent agent with long term experience in Drafting, filing and Prosecution.

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