Top TED talks on Patents

We all love a good TED talk, an insightful and informative talk given by someone who understands the subject matter he or she is discussing.  For all our readers who are not aware of what TED talks are, TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. These TED talks are held all around the world and are primarily educational in nature. The talks do not focus on any one topic or subject, as the talks are delivered by speakers coming from different walks of life who discuss topics which are as innovative as they are diverse.

So today we bring to you the top four TED talks on Patents.

The first TED talk is by Tania Simoncelli entitled “Should you be able to patent a human gene?” As the title suggests in her talk Ms. Simoncelli gives a gripping account of how the unsettling truth about gene patenting propelled her into the world of gene patenting. She also discusses how she and her colleagues went on to argue a case in the Supreme Court relating to the same.

The second talks, by Mr Drew Curtis will certainly aid our readers in understanding who patent trolls are and how they work. Titled “How to beat a patent troll”, the talk is an account of how Mr. Curtis’s company tackled a law suit filed by a company called Gooseberry Natural Resources, for infringing the latter’s patent for “the creation and distribution of news releases via email”. The speaker also sheds light on the increasing problem of frivolous patents.

The next talk given by Ellen ‘t Hoen discusses the benefits  of Medicine Patent Pools. Although patenting a drug may help recovering its immense development costs, it also makes it out of the reach for majority of the population in many developing nations. In this talk Ms. Hoen discusses how the aforementioned problem could be solved by Medicine Patent pools.

 The final talk given by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala , titled ‘What Motivates Inventors? Patents or Passion?’ is the first ever TED talk on patents from India. Based on an extensive research conducted by his organization, Dr. Kalyan sheds light on how their love for inventing and their innate desire to improve motivates inventors to create. The talk is crisp, engrossing and a complete eye-opener.

Hope you all like the videos. Happy viewing!

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