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81. Mode of making applications, etc. — 


Every application, notice, statement or any other document to be made, given, filed or sent under the Act or under these Rules may, unless otherwise directed by the authority concerned, be sent by hand or registered post or by online filing procedure made available on the website of the Copyright Office or Copyright Board.


82. Mode of Communication by the Copyright Board, etc.—


Even written intimation from the Copyright Board, the Copyright Office or the Registrar of Copyrights shall be deemed to have been duly communicated to any person if such intimation is sent to the known address of such person by registered post.


83. Fees. — 


(1) The fees payable under the Act in respect of any matter shall be as specified in the Second Schedule.


(2) The fees may be paid to the Registrar of Copyrights, New Delhi, by a postal order or a bank draft issued by a Scheduled Bank as defined in the Reserve bank of India Act, 1934, or by deposit into a Government Treasury or a branch of the Reserve Bank of India or the State Bank of India under the head of account: Major Head—0070; 60 Other Services; Minor Head—113; Copyright Registration Fees or by payment gateway provided in online-filing facility of the Copyright Office website copyright.gov.in.


(3) Postal orders and bank drafts shall be crossed and drawn in New Delhi.


(4)Payment by bank drafts shall not be valid unless the amount of bank commission is included therein.


(5) Where payment is made by deposit in a Government Treasury or a branch of the Reserve Bank of India or the State Bank of India, the challan evidencing the payment shall be sent to the authority concerned by pre-paid registered post.


(6) No fee is required to be paid for taking extracts from Register of Copyrights or indexes for official purposes by the Central Government or the State Government.


84. Right of audience. — 


In any proceedings before the Board or the Registrar of Copyrights any party may appear and be heard either in person or by a pleader or other person duly authorised by such party.


85. Costs. 


The cost incidental to the proceedings before the Board or the Registrar of Copyrights shall be in the discretion of the Board or the Registrar of Copyrights, as the case may be.


86. Repeal.- 


The Copyright Rules, 1958, are hereby repealed without prejudice to anything done under such rules before the coming into force of these rules.


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