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Victory for Novozymes: Madras High Court Overrules Patent Office's Refusal

Victory for Novozymes: Madras High Court Overrules Patent Office’s Refusal

The Madras High Court, in a decision dated March 19, 2024, set aside a patent refusal order issued by the Assistant Controller of Patents and Designs in the case of a patent application filed by Novozymes A/S. This post summarizes the decision of the court in this case. Continue Reading Victory for Novozymes: Madras High Court Overrules Patent Office’s Refusal

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Cancerous Battle: Novartis and NATCO clash over Eltrombopag

In a landmark decision, the Delhi High Court overturned an injunction against Natco, allowing them to produce a generic version of Novartis’s cancer drug. The Court held that Novartis’s patent on a specific salt form of the drug (ELT-O) lacked novelty due to its coverage in an earlier patent (IN’176). Continue Reading Cancerous Battle: Novartis and NATCO clash over Eltrombopag

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Patentability and Section 3(d), History of Patent Law in India, Patentability of Imatinib Masylate in Beta Crystalline Form – Novartis Case Abridged by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala

This abridged version of the Novartis case was used by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala to explain to the students of UPES, the patentability requirements under the Patent Law and the significance of Section 3(d) under the Patents Act. This abridged document was provided to the B.tech - LLB students at UPES School of Law as part of the Patent Law and Practice Program being taught by the BananaIP Team. The Novartis case has been abridged to suit the discussion in the class, and to…

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The featured image shows the word patent written in blue on a white background. The post is about the latest Patent updates. To know more, please click here.

Patent News

  Hello Readers!! There has been a lot that has been brewing over the past few weeks with respect to Patents. We have decided to recapitulate the patent news which have recently hit the headlines in our segment, Weekly Trends. Let us take a quick look at what happened in the past weeks, with this weekly update.   Dyson is coming to India! Dyson Ltd. a well-established UK-based Technology company will be entering India with its wide range of patented products next year…

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The featured image shows the figure of a woman teaching. This post is about the governments decision to allow US trained patent examiners to examine indian patent applications. to read more click here

Government Bats for US trained Patent Examiners

India has seen a lot of chaos in the field of IP within the last decade. From amendments to draft amendments and propositions to impositions, IP in India has seen it all. In the past year alone we have witnessed 3 major amendments being proposed to the Patents Act and Rules and Trademark rules. Further, we have had several major discussions including discussions on the IPR policy for India, guidelines for examination of patents, software patents, etc. The trend…

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Patent Claims x

Pfizer files for Patent on Known Substance

  This is in furtherance of Gaurav's post with respect to refusal of Pfizer Patent by the Indian Patent Office. I do not wish to repeat the facts or reiterate the order. However, I would like to bring forth one  aspect of the order that seems to  contradict the  Novartis decision of the Supreme Court. In the Novartis case, the Supreme Court clearly laid down that  assessment of subject matter and novelty/inventive step cannot be merged, and they are two segregate…

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