Celebrating 20 Years of IP Excellence

The image has the logo of microblogging website Twitter. The post is about a beverage company being sued by a photographer for allegedly using his copyrighted work for a social media ad campaign. The photographer is also suing others for copyright infringement who have re-tweeted or shared his photograph. Click on image to view the post.

Thou shall not re-tweet!

  Dennis Flaherty, an American photographer is suing the beverage manufacturer Big Red Inc. for using his copyrighted photograph of Fort Alamo at night, in a social media marketing campaign. Well, this doesn’t seem out place, right? Companies making unauthorized use of a copyrighted work should be held responsible, and in many cases they are. But what if I were to say that Mr. Flaherty is not just suing Big Red, its employees and affiliates but also every other person who…

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