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What you need to know about Patent filing

  When an individual comes up with an idea followed by an invention drawn from that idea, it is wise on his part to monopolize his right over the invention. In such a scenario one has to seek protection for his invention with the respective authorities. This write up briefly summaries the essentials of patent filing. Any invention or technology which has not been anticipated by publication in any document or used in the country or anywhere in the world before…

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IP, Patents for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs III – Patents -

IP, Patents for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs III – Patents

For a technology driven start-up or entrepreneur, patents form the most important intellectual assets. They provide the necessary exclusivity, and competitive advantage to start, build and grow the business. Patents are also considered as important assets by venture capitalists and investors before making investment decisions. So, every technology driven start-up must ensure that its technologies/inventions are properly protected under the patent regime. Once a decision on patent protection is made, the start-up company must file a patent application as soon…

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