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Patent Cooperation Treaty – Presentation by Ms. Vinita Radhakrishnan at UPES School of Law

This presentation titled "Patent Cooperation Treaty" is part of the 'Patent Law and Practice Program' being taught by BananaIP Team at UPES School of Law to B.tech-LLB Students. This presentation covers the following topics: - PCT History - Right to Priority - Priority Date - Exercise - National treatment - PCT - PCT highlights - PCT applicant - Agent - Where to file - Exercise - PCT Phases - Timelines - International phase - Receiving office (RO) – filing - Elements of an application - Request - International Searching Authority (ISA) - Novelty Analysis - International Bureau (IB) – Publication -…

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Characters are pulling a rope written PATENT on top as this article is about Indian Patent Law Basics

Amendments to a PCT Application under Article 19 and Article 34

In an event where an applicant wishes to make certain changes in only the claims of a direct PCT application, the applicant can invoke the procedure under Article 19. The applicant can only amend the claims under Article 19. The applicant cannot amend the description or the  drawings. There are certain conditions for filing an amendment under this Article. The application must be filed within 2 months from the issuance of the International Search Report and no new matter can…

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The featured image shows the first page of the National IPR Policy document. To read more about the National IPR Policy, click here

Salient Features of the National IPR Policy – Part 2

In this part of the post we will list down some of the important salient features of the National IPR Policy. To read the first part of this post click here. The National IPR Policy has 7 objectives and each of the objectives has been laid out quite well along with the steps that need to be taken to achieve them. These objectives and some of the important steps involved in achieving these objectives are provided…

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IP, Patents for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs III – Patents -

IP, Patents for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs III – Patents

For a technology driven start-up or entrepreneur, patents form the most important intellectual assets. They provide the necessary exclusivity, and competitive advantage to start, build and grow the business. Patents are also considered as important assets by venture capitalists and investors before making investment decisions. So, every technology driven start-up must ensure that its technologies/inventions are properly protected under the patent regime. Once a decision on patent protection is made, the start-up company must file a patent application as soon…

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The featured image is of the Lion Capital which consists of the Ashoka Chakra, with a horse and bull on either sides, and an hoisted Indian flag below it. The Lion Capital is the national emblem of India. The image is related to the post as it is a part of the Sinapse Series"Intellectual Property (IP) in India: A Decade of Progress". To read the post click here.

Intellectual Property (IP) in India: A Decade of Progress Part 3

The post provides patent statistics with respect to foreign companies. It covers patent numbers during the last decade. Applications filed by foreign applicants in- Convention Applications-The total number of applications filed claiming priority under the Paris Convention during the year 2013-14 was 3,704.This shows 11.47% decrease in the number of convention applications as compared to previous year's 4,184. PCT National Phase Applications-The majority of foreign applications are filed through the PCT National Phase route. The number of such applications…

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