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Masterclass on Intellectual Property for Business Value

BananaIP’s Masterclass on Intellectual Property For Business Value

BananaIP Counsels is partnering with Telangana AI Mission (T-AIM) NASSCOM to assist start-ups in developing, protecting and commercializing their inventions and ideas. Our initiative with T-AIM includes IP masterclass sessions on intellectual property and business, weekly IP helpdesk, preferential pricing and IP mining for select start-ups. We are happy to announce that we will be conducting the first IP Masterclass session on 26th November 2021 at 11 AM IST on the various forms of Intellectual Property. This session would also include a…

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Register for Session 3 of the Free Masterclass on Intellectual Property by BananaIP and NASSCOM

Register for Session 2 of the Free Masterclass on Intellectual Property by BananaIP, Ktech Center of Excellence for Data Science and NASSCOM

Session 1 of the Master Class on Intellectual Property for StartUps organized by BananaIP, Ktech Centre of Excellence for Data Science, NASSCOM, India AI, StartUp Karnataka and IT/BT Dept received close to 700 registrations, and about 400 participants attended the session. Dr. Kalyan Kankanala conducted the session, and he covered basic IP concepts relevant for businesses. He pointed out how IP can be a valuable business tool for startups if it is used  effectively. He also gave inputs about how…

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Master Class x

Free Master Class on IP for Start Ups, Entrepreneurs and SMEs

BananaIP and NASSCOM have launched a first of its kind 'Master Class on IP for Start Ups.  The event is supported by India AI, Start Up Karnataka and IT-BT Department. The registration is now open, and any Start Up or Entrepreneur may register for free. You may view the registration details at this link Why a Master Class? Intellectual Property is today an important business tool for Start Ups. It helps  them protect their  creativity and innovation, and gain exclusivity…

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