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Nature of the company: Start Up – Networking Portal

Why they approached us:

  • Low on financial resources to aggressively protect IP.
  • Did not have online instruments in place – terms and conditions, privacy policy, licenses, and so on.
  • Was not following any process, or system, for safeguarding its IP interests.

What did we do:

  • Helped the company file its trademarks, patents, and copyrights for a highly discounted professional fee, and small equity.
  • Drafted all legal documents, and established practices, required to run the business without hassles.
  • Provided all agreements to be signed by employees, investors, advisors, and other stakeholders.
  • Helped build an IP strategy, and a plan to implement the same.


  • IP played an important role in helping the company raise investment, and valuation.
  • The company managed to keep the competitors at bay for a while.
  • The company follows IP policies, and systems as good as those in large online businesses.


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