Small Manufacturing Company

Nature of the company: A small manufacturing company


Why they approached us:

  • The company was making innovative products but did not have a system to analyze the same, and file for patents.
  • The company was facing continuous copying of its innovations by competitors, and some times customers.
  • Several instances of employee misappropriation of drawings, and other design data were happening, but the company could do nothing about it.

What did we do:

  • Helped the company devise a simple system to assess their inventions in the light of their business goals
  • Enabled IP filings for inventions/creations having business value.
  • Implemented IP best practices, especially confidentiality agreements, notices, and information security measures.


  • Developed an IP portfolio, including patents, trade marks, copyrights, designs, and trade secrets.
  • Was able to prevent several instances of copying.
  • Number of employee misappropriations reduced.
  • Overall, the company started gaining credibility as an IP savvy company.


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