Well I am guessing the title of this post may have piqued your interest. ‘Sipping on IP’ is an initiative taken by BananaIP, where everyone gathers over coffee and lets ideas, discussions and conversations about intellectual property brew. There are no ground rules and the conversation can be about varied topics from more current pressing issues to any IP related concept. It is a great way to connect, take a break and learn from your peers.

Let’s see what we sipped on previously.

Date: 06/04/2016

Topic discussed:

  1. Kalyan, Nitin, Som, Sharada, Anchita, Naveen, Subbu and Gaurav had a detailed discussion about how landscaping can be used to find out current technologies in the entertainment field.
  2. On the other Aniruddha, Blessen, Sambabhi, Rahul, Sanjeevani, Madhav and Anjali discussed about the new Patent Numbering System, effective from January 1st, 2016. The also discussed the key differences between the two.

Date: 07/04/2016

Topics discussed: IP strategy- to patent or not to patent

Probably one of the most interesting and engrossing conversations I’ve been a part of. We, that is -Gaurav, Anchita, Sanjeevani, Anjali, Sambhabi, Subhashree, Shivani, and Ryan discussed about IP strategy- when to keep a technology as a trade secret and when to go ahead and patent it. We discussed the pros and cons of both scenarios and the risks involved as well.

Date: 11/04/2016

Topics discussed: What is this Patent Landscaping?

Picking up from a previous discussion Doss, Sambabhi, Rahul, Sanju, Subhashree, Ryan Anjali, Ashima. Shivangi and Anchita discussed the benefits of patent landscaping. The conversation lead by Subhashree, was about what exactly is patent landscaping and how it can be used by companies to indentify various technology trends and gaps and formulate an appropriate research strategy for the future.

Date: 12/04/2016

Topics discussed: Oracle America, Inc. v. Google, Inc.

Another great discussion, I personally think. Sambha, Sanjeevani, Riyaan (Ryan), Dinesh, Blessu, Anchita, Gaurav, Anjali, Subhashree and Ashima discussed the details of Oracle’s copyright and patent infringement claims against Google’s Android operating system. We discussed the 2012 decision where it was ruled that Google was not liable for patent infringement and that the structure of the Java APIs used by Google was not copyrightable. Part of the decision was later reversed by the Federal Court, favouring Oracle. Nitin also explained us what parts of a software which are copyrightable and what are not. 

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