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SiNApSE IP Program for Traditional Arts, Crafts, Music, and Dance

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SiNApSE IP Program for Traditional Arts, Crafts, Music, and Dance

“SiNApSE is a Division of BananaIP (BIP) Counsels.”

From rock art and stone sculpture to wall paintings and wooden handicrafts, hundreds of traditional art forms existed in India. Some of them have survived the test of time, and are being preserved, improved and propagated by dedicated individuals, groups and organisations. The same is true with respect to traditional performing arts such as music, folklore, dance, and theatre. BananaIP’s SiNApSE Program for traditional arts aims to help artists preserve, propagate and commercialize their creative work by using intellectual property as a tool. Through the program, BIP’s Attorneys, Agents and Experts work with traditional artists and performers on a pro bono basis, and no professional fee will be charged.

Program Activities

  • SiNApSE IP Program for traditional artists and performers includes:
  • Advise on IP protection possibilities;
  • Support for copyright, trade mark, Geographical Indication, patent and other IP filings/registrations;
  • IP awareness and culture building activities for artists and performers;
  • Organisation of festivals and events to display and commercialize traditional art;
  • Advise on licensing, commercializing and merchandizing art work;
  • Organizing performances and events for dancers and musicians; and
  • Any other support requested.

SiNApSE Team

SiNApSE Team is constituted by BIP’s attorneys, artists and performers. They provide advice, support and other services as a pro bono activity. No professional fee will be charged for any support under the program.

Apply for Support

Interested artists and performers may apply for support by filling the form below, or by writing to: [email protected] with the subject: SiNApSE Traditional

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