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“SiNApSE is a division of BananaIP (BIP) Counsels constituted to help performing artists, visual artists and authors  protect and maximize value from their creative work.”

The IP Program

SiNApSE IP Program for Performing Arts aims to build Intellectual Property (IP) culture among dancers, musicians, singers, and theatre artists. The Program has three prongs:

a. IP knowledge and awareness programs;
b. Support for IP protection and commercialization; and
c. Development and implementation of IP Best Practices.

To spread IP knowledge and awareness, BananaIP organizes workshops, seminars and invited talks for dance companies, music bands and artists at select locations and venues. BananaIP’s team of attorneys also research and write on IP issues relating to performing artists. BananaIP also develops and publishes IP best practices for performers from time to time.

SiNApSE IP Program includes IP hand holding, free IP Filings, IP support, dispute resolution, risk management and so on.


Free Copyright and Trade Mark Filings


For Dance Companies, Music Bands, Drama Companies, and professional Performers.


To help and facilitate dance companies, music bands, drama companies and professional performers protect their Intellectual Property, BananaIP’s SiNApSE has started a short program to support copyright and trade mark  registration. The program includes:

  • Free Copyright and/or Trade Mark filings for select Creative companies and performers;
  • Advise on copyright and trade mark notices and marking; and
  • Consultation on copyright and trade mark risk mitigation.

One dance company, music band, drama company, or performer will be selected every week by SiNApSE for the free copyright and trade mark filing and hand holding. Interested companies, bands, and/or performers may apply by submitting the form hereunder, or by writing to [email protected] with the details requested in the form.

Note: Any government fee applicable for copyright/trade mark filing/registration has to be borne by the company/performer.

SiNApSE Free Copyright/Trade Mark Filing request Form

(For Dance Companies, Music Bands, Drama Companies, and Professional Performing Artists.)

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