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SiNApSE IP Program – Performing Arts

“SiNApSE is a division of BananaIP Counsels constituted to help performing artists, visual artists and authors protect and maximize value from their creative work.”

The Intellectual Property (IP) Program

SiNApSE® IP Program for Performing Arts aims to build Intellectual Property (IP) culture among dancers, musicians, singers, and theatre artists. The Program has three prongs:

a. IP knowledge and awareness programs;
b. Support for IP protection and commercialization; and
c. Development and implementation of IP Best Practices.

To spread IP knowledge and awareness, BananaIP organizes workshops, seminars and invited talks for dance companies, music bands and artists at select locations and venues. BananaIP’s team of attorneys also research and write on IP issues relating to performing artists. BananaIP also develops and publishes IP best practices for performers from time to time.

SiNApSE IP Program includes IP hand holding, free IP Filings, IP support, dispute resolution, risk management and so on.

For Performing Artists

For Dance Companies, Music Bands, Drama Companies, and professional Performers.

To help and facilitate dance companies, music bands, drama companies and professional performers protect their Intellectual Property, BananaIP’s SiNApSE has started a short program to support copyright and trade mark  registration. The program includes:

  • Free Copyright and/or Trade Mark filings for select Creative companies and performers;
  • Advise on copyright and trade mark notices and marking; and
  • Consultation on copyright and trade mark risk mitigation.

One dance company, music band, drama company, or performer will be selected every week by SiNApSE for the free copyright and trade mark filing and hand holding. Interested companies, bands, and/or performers may apply by submitting the form hereunder, or by writing to [email protected] with the details requested in the form.

Note: Any government fee applicable for copyright/trade mark filing/registration has to be borne by the company/performer.

For Authors and Novelists

Authorship has transformed substantially during the last decade. The new breed of authors have numerous means and modes of communication at their behest, and unlike earlier, they are no longer dependent on publishers to communicate their work to the public. One report estimates that one book is published every two minutes across the world. Authors and Novelists are connecting with readers and fans like never before, and success is sometimes just a click away. However, the opportunities available for authors and novelists come with a bag of issues, some of which relate to Intellectual Property. The SiNApSE IP Program for Authors and Novelists aims to address some of the said issues, and assist them to effectively protect, manage, license and realize value from their creative works.

Program Activities

SiNApSE Team of IP Attorneys and Experts will assist authors and novelists protect their creative work and provide support/advise for licensing, merchandizing and commercialization. All assistance and support will be provided by BIP Attorneys on a pro bono basis, and no professional fee will be charged.

The Program includes:

  • Support for trade mark and copyright filing/registration;
  • Review and advice on publishing contracts;
  • Advise on film and other adaptations of the book;
  • Advise on licensing and merchandizing transactions;
  • Royalty options and related advice;
  • Advise with respect to fair use of others’ work; and
  • Any other requested support.

For Inventors

Progress of Science and Technology is driven by inventors, and their inventions. Through their contributions, inventors further the interests of public, society, and life in general. Despite the value of their inventions to the public, most inventors are not motivated by financial benefit, they simply invent because they love to invent, enjoy inventing and desire to solve problems.

SiNApSE IP Program for inventors aims to help inventors understand the value of their inventions, and assist them protect, manage and realize value from their inventions. SiNApSE is a pro bono program, and no professional fee will be charged for the advise/support.

Program Offerings

BIP’s Team of Patent Attorneys will work with select inventors protect their inventions, build portfolios in chosen technology domains, and commercialize IP. At a general level, the following activities will be undertaken:

  • Patent Search and Analysis;
  • Patent Drafting and Filing;
  • Industrial Design Filing;
  • Licensing and commercialization support/advise;
  • Patent Pooling, Portfolio Development, and Aggregation;
  • Open and Commercial Licensing Programs;
  • Invention disclosure advice and documentation;
  • Advise on Inventor incentive schemes;
  • Inventive and Creative tours and events;
  • IP Culture development; and
  • Any other requested advice.

For Visual Artists

The Program

SiNApSE IP Program for craftsman, painters, sculptors, photographers, fashion designers, and other artists is aimed at spreading IP awareness among visual artists, and assisting artists protect and commercialize their creative works. The Program includes the following activities:

  • Spreading IP awareness among visual artists;
  • Organizing IP camps and workshops for fashion designers, photographers, painters, sculptors, and other artists;
  • Assisting artists in copyright and trade mark filing and registration;
  • Assisting artists in commercialization of art works;
  • Providing contract review, drafting and negotiation support;
  • Taking actions with respect to moral rights violations; and
  • Other requested actions.
Visual Arts

SiNApSE’s IP Program supports the following visual arts:

  • Drawing;
  • Designing, including Fashion Designing;
  • Painting;
  • Sculpture
  • Engraving;
  • Print Making;
  • Photography;
  • Ceramics;
  • Crafts;
  • Videography; and
  • Architecture.

For Traditional Arts, Crafts, Music, and Dance

From rock art and stone sculpture to wall paintings and wooden handicrafts, hundreds of traditional art forms existed in India. Some of them have survived the test of time, and are being preserved, improved and propagated by dedicated individuals, groups and organisations. The same is true with respect to traditional performing arts such as music, folklore, dance, and theatre. BananaIP’s SiNApSE Program for traditional arts aims to help artists preserve, propagate and commercialize their creative work by using intellectual property as a tool. Through the program, BIP’s Attorneys, Agents and Experts work with traditional artists and performers on a pro bono basis, and no professional fee will be charged.

Program Activities
  • SiNApSE IP Program for traditional artists and performers includes:
  • Advise on IP protection possibilities;
  • Support for copyright, trade mark, Geographical Indication, patent and other IP filings/registrations;
  • IP awareness and culture building activities for artists and performers;
  • Organisation of festivals and events to display and commercialize traditional art;
  • Advise on licensing, commercializing and merchandizing art work;
  • Organizing performances and events for dancers and musicians; and
  • Any other support requested.

Why SiNApSE® IP Program?

Over the years, BananaIP (formerly Brain League) has been working towards building Intellectual Property (IP) Knowledge, Culture and Hygiene among Indian companies, research institutions and creators. Some of its efforts have contributed towards taking organisations and individuals up the IP value chain and gain financial value from IP assets. BananaIP has now taken up the challenge of building IP culture among performers, artists, authors, inventors and creators with the objective of helping them realize financial value from their creative work, and to mitigate IP infringement, misuse and misappropriation.

Program Leaders

SiNApSE® IP Program is lead by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala and Ms. Vinita Radhakrishnan, senior partners at BananaIP Counsels.

For more information about the SiNApSE IP Program, you may write to: [email protected] with the subject: SiNApSE IP Program.

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