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SiNApSE IP Program for Inventors

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SiNApSE IP Program for Inventors

“SiNApSE is a Division of BananaIP (BIP) Counsels.”

Progress of Science and Technology is driven by inventors, and their inventions. Through their contributions, inventors further the interests of public, society, and life in general. Despite the value of their inventions to the public, most inventors are not motivated by financial benefit, they simply invent because they love to invent, enjoy inventing and desire to solve problems.

SiNApSE IP Program for inventors aims to help inventors understand the value of their inventions, and assist them protect, manage and realize value from their inventions. SiNApSE is a pro bono program, and no professional fee will be charged for the advise/support.

Program Offerings

BIP’s Team of Patent Attorneys will work with select inventors protect their inventions, build portfolios in chosen technology domains, and commercialize IP. At a general level, the following activities will be undertaken:

  • Patent Search and Analysis;
  • Patent Drafting and Filing;
  • Industrial Design Filing;
  • Licensing and commercialization support/advise;
  • Patent Pooling, Portfolio Development, and Aggregation;
  • Open and Commercial Licensing Programs;
  • Invention disclosure advice and documentation;
  • Advise on Inventor incentive schemes;
  • Inventive and Creative tours and events;
  • IP Culture development; and
  • Any other requested advice.

SiNApSE Team

SiNApSE Team also offers awareness and training programs for inventors. Training request may be sent to [email protected] with the subject: SiNApSE Training Request.

BananaIP’s Patent Attorneys

SiNApSE IP Program for inventors is offered by BananaIP’s patent attorneys from electronics/telecommunications, AI, Information Technology, Automotive, Mechanical Engineering and Biosciences patent divisions. All support and advice will be provided pro bono, and inventors need not pay any professional fee.

Apply for Support

Interested inventors may apply for support/advise by filling the form hereunder, or by writing to [email protected] with the subject: SiNApSE Program for Inventors.

Inventor Support Form

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