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SiNApSE IP Program for Authors and Novelists

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SiNApSE IP Program for Authors and Novelists

“SiNApSE is a Division of BananaIP (BIP) Counsels”

Authorship has transformed substantially during the last decade. The new breed of authors have numerous means and modes of communication at their behest, and unlike earlier, they are no longer dependent on publishers to communicate their work to the public. One report estimates that one book is published every two minutes across the world. Authors and Novelists are connecting with readers and fans like never before, and success is sometimes just a click away. However, the opportunities available for authors and novelists come with a bag of issues, some of which relate to Intellectual Property. The SiNApSE IP Program for Authors and Novelists aims to address some of the said issues, and assist them to effectively protect, manage, license and realize value from their creative works.

Program Activities

SiNApSE Team of IP Attorneys and Experts will assist authors and novelists protect their creative work and provide support/advise for licensing, merchandizing and commercialization. All assistance and support will be provided by BIP Attorneys on a pro bono basis, and no professional fee will be charged.

The Program includes:

  • Support for trade mark and copyright filing/registration;
  • Review and advice on publishing contracts;
  • Advise on film and other adaptations of the book;
  • Advise on licensing and merchandizing transactions;
  • Royalty options and related advice;
  • Advise with respect to fair use of others’ work; and
  • Any other requested support.

SiNApSE Team

SiNApSE IP Program for Authors and Novelists is supported by copyright, trade mark and entertainment law attorneys of BananaIP (BIP) Counsels. SiNApSE Team is constituted by experienced IP Attorneys, Authors and Publishers.

Who is eligible for support?

Any author, writer, or novelist is eligible for the program. Any author interested in availing the support may apply by filling the form hereunder. SiNApSE Team will select the author based on the author’s work sample and request solicited. Details may also be sent by email to [email protected] with the subject: SiNApSE Authors Program.

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