Searching for Patents and Patentability of AI and Software Inventions: Session 2 of the Masterclass on IP

The second session of BananaIP and NASSCOM K-Tech CoE Data Science & AI’s first of its kind ‘Masterclass on Intellectual Property’ for Start Ups hosted on 3rd June, 2021 witnessed over 200 participants which included Start Ups, Entrepreneurs, Prospective Entrepreneurs, Independent Inventors/Creators, Artists, SMEs, and MNCs coming together to garner knowledge on the Business of Intellectual Property, via an online meeting platform.

Proceedings of the Session

The second session was hosted by Mr. Sudeep Kumar Das, from K-Tech CoE Data Science & AI who welcomed the participants and introduced the speaker for the second session of the Masterclass. Titled ‘Assessing Patentability of AI Technologies and Performing Patent Searches’ the session  was conducted by Mr. Nitin Nair, Senior Partner (Patents) at BananaIP. The session was very lively with real-life examples and illustrations, and the questions kept coming through out the two hours.
Nitin began by giving the attendees an overview of the patent processes, which he divided into five steps and went on to explain each of them quite comprehensively. He gave a glimpse of how different patent processes can look like from the perspective of a Pharma & Biosciences patent versus that of an AI & Telecom patent. He then enlisted and elucidated the Patentability Criteria starting from utility, subject matter, and enablement to novelty and inventive step, remarking it to be arranged in an ascending order of complexity. Prior Art Search, a key component of patent filing, was explained in great detail, and while sharing various resourceful databases across jurisdictions, Nitin demonstrated live as to how one can do a basic prior art search. He further gave the participants an understanding of various types of analysis one can undertake, and relevance of each in various circumstances.
Experts from BananaIP answered questions posed by the participants during the session, and Nitin concluded by answering pending questions. Participants left this session with an understanding of patentability and some patent searching skills. Some participants stated that the session was informative, lucid and useful.

Upcoming Sessions

Two more sessions are left in the Masterclass and any person can register for the same. You need not have attended the previous sessions to register for the upcoming sessions. Session 3 will focus on national and international patent filing and acquisition process and related strategies, and you may register for the same at this link: Register here
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Authored by Kavya Sadashivan

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