Rise of the Drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)


Robotics has changed the way we work! A function, which was once done manually, has been replaced with robots working every inch of it. This reduces human error and losses of any form. On the same note, drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are a boon to mankind. Drones have been used by many national organizations to gather such information that is outside the domain of a human being. But nowhere have drones been used to deliver products to customers in and around a specific area. Yes, You heard it right!


Amazon has been awarded a patent for “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Delivery System” which was filed last September, but the press release was made at the end of April showing the overall design and specifications of the new technology adopted. One of the best features of the drone is called “Bring it to Me” which enables the drone to use specified customers’ Cellular Phone and Wireless Internet to get the location of the address where the product has to be delivered. The e-Commerce giant has claimed that the technology used will enable the drone to deliver items specified in their inventory to various locations. The UAV has the ability to receive product information and the location where the product has to be delivered, get the location from where to retrieve the product and make out a way to deliver the product to the addressee. This shows that there won’t be any human interference in the whole delivery process which in turn means that there will be no human error. Everything will be guided through a network created by the Customer’s Cellular Phone and the drones’ navigation system. Amazon has been testing the delivery mechanism of the drone in Canada after the company was unable to come to a suitable agreement with the US Federal Aviation Administration. Amazon has revealed that it has been working with the Auto-mobile giant, Audi and DHL Express, on a service which will enable them to deliver products directly to the trunk of a driver’s car.


This article is a contribution of Amiya – Intern, BananaIP Counsels.

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