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Session 1 of the Master Class on Intellectual Property for StartUps organized by BananaIP, Ktech Centre of Excellence for Data Science, NASSCOM, India AI, StartUp Karnataka and IT/BT Dept received close to 700 registrations, and about 400 participants attended the session. Dr. Kalyan Kankanala conducted the session, and he covered basic IP concepts relevant for businesses. He pointed out how IP can be a valuable business tool for startups if it is used  effectively. He also gave inputs about how IP may be used by businesses, and cited examples of its successful usage for financial gain. The session  received a rating of 4.6 on 5.
Session 2 will be delivered this week, and you may register for the same at this link:

Session 2 of the Master Class

With the basic foundation set, the second session will  now focus on patents, their value for businesses, and  skills required to gain value from them. The session will be delivered by Mr. Nitin Nair and Mr. Somashekar Ramakrishna, Senior Partners at BananaIP Counsels.
While Mr. Nitin Nair specializes in IT, Software, Electronics, Telecom, and AI patents, Mr. Somashekar Ramakrishna specializes in Automotive, Electric Mobility, Manufacturing/Mechanical, and Autonomous Vehicle Patents. Like the first session, any questions raised by participants during the session will be addressed by BananaIP’s Team of IP experts. Every single question will be addressed during the session.

Topics Covered

The session will specifically cover:
What is patentable?
How to assess patentability of your inventions?
How to perform a patent search?
How does patentability vary from country to country?
What specific rules have evolved for inventions from different fields?
What patent options are available for startups?
You may learn more about the Masterclass on IP at this link: here. You may register for the session at this link: here
Team BananaIP and NASSCOM will look forward to meeting you at the session.

Select Feedback from the First Session

Participants who attended the first session had this to state about it:
“The session is very nicely planned and organized with most suitable example & question polls. Very impressed and very happy to attend this session”.
“Excellent and Informative session on Intellectual Property Rights”.
“It was a wonderful session on IP. Dr. Kalyan has explained it in a way such that even a newbie like me was able to understand the concept better. The Masterclass has resolved many doubts I had about IP”.
“Very Good insight and essence of IP species provided .Presenter was extraordinary in simplifying the topic”.
“Difficult subject made so interesting. Would surely be part of upcoming sessions”.

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