Prof. Thammaiah Ramakrishna Scholarship Celebrates It’s First Year

BananaIP Counsels recently celebrated the completion of the first year of their groundbreaking initiative, the “Professor Thammaiah Ramakrishna Scholarship for aspiring Patent Attorneys”. The program is recognized for its innovative approach to encouraging and facilitating students in the legal and technical domains to enter patent practice.

The first scholarship has been awarded to Muhammad Faris V, a Senior research fellow at the Inter-University Centre for Intellectual Property Rights Studies (IUCIPRS), CUSAT. Faris, a BSc Physics graduate, has completed his post-graduation in Intellectual Property Law (LLM in IP). His portfolio of fellowships and research publications in patent law has earned him this scholarship.

A Closer Look at the Scholarship Programme

This scholarship, named in honour of Professor Ramakrishna T, Chair Professor, IPR, at the National Law School of India University, Bangalore, aims to cultivate qualified and specialized patent professionals in India. Prof. Ramakrishna’s monumental contributions in the field of intellectual property, specifically patent law, inspire the ethos of this scholarship.

Any student pursuing a law, science, engineering, or technology degree may apply for this scholarship. This scholarship provides an internship sustenance fund for qualified candidates at BananaIP Counsels, giving them practical experience and a foot in the door of this intriguing industry.

The Path to Selection

Applicants for the Prof. Thammaiah Ramakrishna Scholarship are assessed based on four criteria:

  • The patent courses they’ve completed,
  • Their demonstrated interest in the field,
  • Their previous writings, publications, research interests, and
  • Their potential to contribute to the progress of the patent profession in India.

After a careful review, shortlisted candidates are invited for an interview before the final decision is made.

A Continual Opportunity

Unlike other scholarships, the Prof. Thammaiah Ramakrishna Scholarship accepts applications throughout the year. Scholarships and funding are provided on a rolling basis, ensuring a steady flow of opportunities for deserving candidates.

To learn more about the Prof. Thammaiah Ramakrishna Scholarship for aspiring Patent Attorneys or to apply, visit

This unique scholarship program by BananaIP Counsels is a testament to their commitment towards nurturing talented professionals in the patent industry. The success of Muhammad Faris V underlines the potential of this initiative in bringing forth exceptional patent attorneys who will shape the future of Intellectual Property Rights in India.