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Patent Services in India

BananaIP Counsels has been ranked as a top patent and trade mark firm in the country. With the finest team of senior partners and highly specialized services offered in different domains such as Automotive, AI, Electronics, Telecom, Biosciences, Software, Pharma, Green Energy, Mechanical, Manufacturing, Chemistry and so on, BananaIP’s patent services stand apart from services offered by other firms. The firm’s patent attorneys are highly qualified in patent law as well as science/technology and bring distinct expertise and experience to the table that makes a difference in patent quality, valuation and commercialization. Over the years, BananaIP has helped more than 600 clients acquire quality patent grants and launch risk free products through their FTO opinions.

Patent Services

BananaIP offers patent services across the entire patent life cycle. We specializes in:

  • Patent Search and Opinions – Novelty Search, Patentability Search, FTO Search, Invalidity Search, and Prior Art Search.
  • Patent Drafting – Provisional Patent Drafting and Complete Specification Drafting.
  • Patent Filing – Indian Filing, PCT Filing, Foreign Filings – US, Europe, Japan, China, African Countries, South East Asia, and close to 100 countries.
  • Patent Prosecution – Response to Office Actions, ER Responses, Hearings, Appeals and Representations.
  • Patent Opposition – Drafting and Filing Pre-Grant and Post-Grant Oppositions, Hearings, and Representations.
  • Patent Grant/Registration
  • Patent Maintenance and Renewals
  • Patent Portfolio Management
  • Patent Licensing and Commercialization
  • Legal Notices and Responses
  • Patent Litigation Management
  • Patent Revocation, Appeals, and other Actions.
  • Dispute Resolution – Negotiation, Settlement Agreements, Mediation, etc.

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    * Strong IP protection opens business, licensing and revenue opportunities. We can help you maximize business/financial value from your IP.

    Senior Partners

    Finest Team of Intellectual Property Experts

    When strong technology background, specialized legal knowledge, and keen business acumen converge with unparalleled expertise, long term experience and exceptional qualifications of your IP attorneys, your creations, inventions and innovations are in able hands. Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, Managing Partner
    Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala

    Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala

    Managing Partner & Chief IP Attorney

    • Recognized among the top IP minds of India.

    • Has advised more than 1000 clients on IP matters.

    • Internationally cited IP attorney and strategist.

    Somashekar Ramakrishna

    Somashekar Ramakrishna

    Senior Partner

    • Nationally recognized automotive, mechanical, and manufacturing patent agent/attorney.

    • Has significant experience of working with a leading US Patent Firm and United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO).

    • Seasoned patent drafting and prosecution expert for global manufacturing and automotive companies.