Apple’s Smart Ring could be on the horizon

The multinational technology corporation Apple Inc. is known for coming up with some of the most fascinating technologies. Not too long ago, Apple filed a patent for a smart ring. The company is said to be developing a new wearable device with touchscreen and voice-control capabilities. The patent is  titled “Devices and Methods for a Ring Computing Device” and was published by the US Patent and Trademark Office on October 1st 2015.

The device contains a ring mounted touch screen, a computer processor, wireless transceiver, a rechargeable power source and credits designers Marcos Regis Vescovi and Marcel van Os as inventors.  According to the claims, the device seems like a miniature version of the Apple Watch. As per the patent application, the ring could be worn on the index finger, and one could use his thumb finger to navigate on the flat surface of the ring. The ring could be made with or without a touch display and can be paired with other devices such as a phone, tablet or computer. After receiving the input, the device wirelessly transmits a command associated with the touch event to the external electronic device. The device also comprises of a microphone which transmits the voice command. Further, the ring includes biometric sensors which monitor the user’s heart rate. The ring can talk to the device it’s paired with, transfer messages, share files with another ring user by using various technologies like Bluetooth, cellular, Wi-Fi and even NFC. The user of one ring can make money transfers to another user merely by shaking hands. Besides this, the ring also vibrates to signify notifications and other alerts received by the user. The device can also detect the writing motion of the user, potentially allowing it to digitally record hand-written notes.

A smart ring doesn’t seem to be improbable. However, Apple is famous for patenting products without actually manufacturing them. Let’s hope that if this patent actually materializes, it is able to crack the market.

Authored by Anjali Santhosh.