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Patent Invalidation / Revocation

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Patent Invalidation/ Revocation in India, USA and other Countries

BIP offers the following services with respect to invalidation or revocation of a patent:

Patent Invalidity Search

Invalidity Opinion and Report

Application for Revocation of a Patent

Invalidation/Revocation Hearings

Patent Dispute Resolution

Patent Settlements

More often than not, inventions that are not worthy of a patent grant, pass through the process and pose threats to businesses. These patents may be invalidated or revoked through a legal process at any time before the expiry of the patent term. Grounds for such revocation range from existence of prior art to inequitable conduct or false disclosure to the patent office. Despite the existence of a valid ground for invalidation, the task can be accomplished only through diligent research and documentation, crafty drafting and lucid presentation of the case.


From providing invalidity opinions to devising an invalidation and revocation strategy for India, USA, and other countries, to implementing the same, our team of experienced patent agents/attorneys work closely with clients and endeavor to achieve optimum results. Through our revocation support, we help clients remove patent hurdles to business and create free to operate markets in India and internationally. Our strategic opinions and detailed research help our clients make informed patent decisions.

<h3>BIP hosts an experienced and highly qualified team of patent attorneys, agents and technologists, who have performed thousands of patent searches for their clients</h3>

Domain Expertise

We have a team of technology/patent experts in the following domains:


Automobile Engineering


Information Technology/Software

Organic Chemistry



Business Methods


Medical Devices

Food and Cosmetics

Personal Care

Civil Engineering

Some of our clients include:

Our team has provided patent/Prior Art search services for the following clients:


HCL Technologies

Mahindra &amp; Mahindra

Eureka Forbes

IIT, Madras

IIT, Bombay

Astra Zeneca

Connexios Life Sciences

Reddy Laboratories

Larsen &amp; Toubro


Camson Biotechnologies

Why BananaIP Counsels ?

  • BananaIP has a team of highly qualified patent attorneys and agents in India with extensive experience;
  • The firm’s patent attorneys and agents have strong background in science, technology and law;
  • The expert patent search team of BananaIP works closely with attorneys to uncover relevant prior art for invalidating or revoking a patent;
  • BananaIP’s patent team is well versed in patent law, perform comprehensive patent search and legal research, and devise innovative invalidation/revocation strategies to suit clients’ business needs;
  • The firm has the history of converting conflicts into business opportunities for its clients; and
  • BananaIP has offices in Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, and its experts are easily accessible to clients at the said locations.

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